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DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kits (2-Person) Weight Capacity 650 lbs. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); All content is Copyright 2020. The lower weight capacity does, however, limit the gear load for heavy anglers and boaters. Aside from the adjustable chair and foot rests, the High Adventure also feature a stripping apron, 6 collapsible oars, storage pockets, and a lightweight carry weight of only 60 lbs, making it a practical and versatile inflatable pontoon boat. Many owners prefer to leave their inflatable pontoon boat fully-assembled at all times, and store it in their garage when its not in use. In terms of price, there are budget options starting from under $200, and prices can rise up to and over $1000. Best of all this boat comes comfortably equipped with padded 360 swivel seats, oarlocks, and a motor mount which allows you to paddle, motor and fish! The seat height of the Streamer XL-IR has been designed in order to give fishermen some nice clearance above the water, so those casting a fly rod will have no problem with their back cast. Brand New. All in all, it can accommodate a hefty maximum load of 375 lbs. If youre looking for a cheap inflatable pontoon boat, then a steel frame is the best option. With one raised seat, it is easy to get into the perfect position to catch that "Big one". Inflatable pontoon boats are a wonderful choice of vessel for a wide variety of on the water applications. Inflatable pontoons are ideal for those who want to experience the thrills and excitement of traveling over water but dont want the hassle or expense of a full size boat. This fishing platform gives you full access to the entire top of the FoldCat for useful fishing space. So which one do you need? Adventurers seeking a boat for multi-day river trips and serious anglers requiring a particularly capable boat will be wise to check out some of these full feature options in order to satisfy their more gear-intensive needs: A frameless pontoon boat enables even greater portability and ease of deployment. You can outfit it with 2 swivel seats and 2 pedestals for you and your buddy. Get access to remote, uncrowded fishing holes this season. . In Boats. They lack a lot of comforts that other inflatable pontoon boats have, but theyre generally much cheaper. The 94 by 51 inch aluminum floorboard schematic is super spacious, enabling multiple anglers to actively fish at once, or for multiple sunbathers to lay out to name just a few potential applications. Find more DAMA Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Tube Boat with Detachable Seat and Awning information and reviews here. Shipping to: 98837. position. Heres one more from Classic Accessories: the Colorado XTS Swivel Seat. Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable FoldCat Fishing Boat - Pro Angler Guide Package 3.7 (29) $1,64900 $1,784.00 FREE delivery Mar 2 - 3 Small Business Joe Appleton is an outdoor enthusiast who loves everything from bushcraft and hiking to wild camping and boating. This is a heavier boat with a larger frame, so its not the pontoon youre looking for if youre seeking something you can either inflate at the launch or throw in the back of your truck bed. Includes a pedestal swivel seat and guard bars, Impressively compact and portable for its size - set up taking as little as 30 minutes, Frame and oarlocks are not particularly robust and sturdy - likely better off utilizing a trolling motor, Can be either rowed with the included oars or kicked with fins, Anchor system utilizes a fillable mesh bag and features cleat and pulley controls that can fit on either side of the boat, Two detachable storage bags on either arm rest and one larger, removable storage bag behind the seat total to an impressive amount of storage, Heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and rugged nylon tops for solid durability, Speed of this option is low compared to traditional pontoon options, Quality of the included oars is not impressive, Integrted backpack straps have potential to become hung up on structure if not removed. Most anglers recommend Minn Kota electric motors, especially the Endura 30. Inflatable pontoon boats come in a wide range of sizes, with different designs and features, geared towards very specific tasks. This design, not surprisingly, causes these boats to be large and heavy. Colorado XT Pontoon Boat. Its a brilliant design that makes all the difference moving your boat around, without any hassle or interference on the water. Keep in mind however that this is not an ideal option for particularly heavy boaters and/or gear loads. NRS Osprey Fishing Inflatable SUP Board $1345 NRS CHINOOK PFD $159.95 Inflatable Pontoon Boats, SUPs & PFDs for Fly Fishing Our fly-fishing watercraft collection includes rigs and stand up paddle boards (SUPs) that get you into the secluded, remote areas for the trophies you seek. 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 51 product ratings (51) $54.39 New; Elkton Outdoors Cormorant 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Fishing Kayak, 10-Foot with EVA Padded Seats, Includes 2 Active Fishing Rod Holder Mounts, 2 Aluminum Paddles, Double Action Pump and More View on Amazon SCORE 8.6 AI Score G Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. Perfect for an old codger like me. 30.8 Lbs : 450 Lbs : Great Durability : . Shop at for Inflatable Boats for Adults Touring Kayak Canoe Boat Set 2-Person PVC Inflatable Rafting Fishing Dinghy Tender Pontoon Boat : Sports & Outdoors. Using the correct sized valve adapter and either a hand, foot, or battery-powered pump, place the valve adapter into the end of the pump hose, and connect the valve adapter into the pontoon valve. This is a great pontoon drifter for two anglers for river and stillwater fishing. These smaller boats are easy to transport, and fast to assemble and disassemble. The pros and cons of a frameless boat are specific to your fishing or boating style. With built-in features such as integrated stripping baskets, anchor and trolling motor mounts, rod holders, and more, our top choices for angling are brilliantly designed for getting you on the fish. The fishing platform is made from aluminum, offering a spacious and open fishing area thats ripe for easy customization. An additional wire rear storage and battery platform offer room for more cumbersome and awkwardly sized items, so theres really nothing you cant bring along! Find more Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat information and reviews here. Aluminum frames are even better, but usually more expensive. Do-it-yourself kit; Build in a couple of hours; Great boat on a budget; This is the Aquos P380 FISHME, a spacious inflatable pontoon boat built for ultimate durability. An anchor system, rod holders, extensive removable storage bags, and even a detachable awning all add up to a highly equipped watercraft for the cost far more capable than your standard float tube. The Roanoke has a 350lb capacity, and measures 96 in length, 55 in width, and a total of 29 in height, with a total weight of 43 lbs. Click Here For The Sea Eagle 375 Foldcat At AND the quality of their products are consistently excellent. You can add a series of different Scotty accessories to outfit your FoldCat with items such as fish finders, GPS, GoPro's, cutting boards, multiple rod holders, running lights, anchor lock, etc You can add a Casting Bar. Instead, they have a series of extra air bladders that support an inflatable deck. Everything in the Pro Package plus the Watersnake Venom 34 dual purpose (fresh and saltwater) motor* and Minn Kota Battery Power Center*. The Sea Eagle Foldcat is a rugged, stable and extremely convenient two-person inflatable pontoon fishing boat. Other cool features include a motor mount, optional oar types, and a swivel chair. Over time, air can escape from your pontoons, so its recommended that you keep a pump nearby at all times. Some argue that the best inflatable pontoon boat type is the frameless kind. Built on top of a robust aluminum frame thats supported by heavy-duty PVC pontoons, this inflatable fishing boat can carry a maximum weight capacity of 750 lbs, with ample room for storage. Rules vary depending on your location. They always give you a lot for your money in the packages they offer far more than most other companies in my experience. Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Inflatable Pontoon Boat So maybe you're not always alone on the lake, and you prefer having a buddy with you when you fish. Still, it is much bigger than others. The Top 5 Inflatable Boats in 2023 1 Amazing for Price: Intex Excursion 5 2 A Solid Tender: Newport Vessels Dinghy 3 Surprising Utility: Intex Seahawk 4 For Fun: Intex Challenger 2 5 Fishing & Lounging: Airhead Angler Bay All the Inflatable Boats We've tested The Streamer XL-IR is furthermore compatible with a trolling motor for those who want some added propulsion. It is built on the same base-frame as the Colorado and features the same dimensions and weight capacity, coming in at just a few pounds heavier (77 pounds). This personal watercraft is 6.33 feet long and 3.25 feet wide, featuring a 380-pound weight capacity. AQUOS includes a bow-mounted trolling motor (Haswing 12V 20lb thrust), swivel seat, lean bar, and rod holder with this package deal purchase, so youre fully outfitted and ready to hit the water right out of the box. Check out a few of these potential accessories for some inspiration personalizing your own pontoon boat: If you're seeking a personal fishing vessel that's easy to transport and deploy regardless of your strength or vehicle size, perhaps an inflatable pontoon boat is a bit excessive for your needs. River Raft Frame Whitewater Aluminum Gear cataraft inflatable pontoon boat. These hybrids feature a U-shaped pontoon with a chair for the angler to sit in, with their legs dangling in the water. Ask yourself if it will easily fit in the trunk of your car, or whether it will fit on your trailer. max weight) or 70 lbs. . I am choosing the xts classic. The most common users of inflatable pontoon boats are anglers who prefer to fish from the middle of the water rather than being restricted to the bank. . It is close to full-feature fishing pontoon boat thats offered at an exceptional price point for its capabilities and level of inclusiveness. Manufactured from 1000 Denier reinforced PVC and held together by a unique and patented folding aluminum frame arrangement, which is strong enough to carry up to 650 lbs and provide more than enough stability for standing or sitting. Its a brand name that you can trust. Three oar-lock positions, an integrated rod holder (fly rod compatible) and built-in fly-patches add even greater versatility and function to this option Classic Accessories has really hit all the bases with this one! While there are oar locks present, once you truly load this pontoon boat up with some passengers and gear, youll find its likely pretty difficult to get effectively moving on your own two arms. A swivel seat might not seem like much, but it could drastically improve your fishing experience. Most brands do not offer a white water rating on their boats - likely to leave that determination up to the paddler because a boat's ability on the river has just as much to do with the person rowing as it does the boat! It's light weight and can be launched anywhere. Coming in with a total weight of just 56 pounds and a load capacity of 300 pounds, you can get this vessel from A to B with ease and launch it on your own without issue. This makes the Colorado a great fishing option for both still water and rivers and streams. An innovative anchor system utilizes a fillable mesh bag and cleat and pulley controls and can be oriented on either the right or left side of boat, while an integrated motor mount allows you to attach some propulsion if you choose to. Its an inflatable pontoon boat like the others, but its for standing fisherman. I cut the weight by removing the motor mount ( remember this is a 1 person PONTOON boat ) , added home made pvc rod holders , swivel seat, oillite bushing to the nylon oar locks (nylon rounds out after use) and a must is oar wrights for quick response in moving water and boat stability . The Bucks Bags brand name has been developing quality outdoor products since 1979. Its specially designed for anglers to stand up and cast, with excellent stability for a more natural fishing experience. While this frameless unit might come off as more of a fishing float tube than an inflatable pontoon boat, its on the water performance, weight capacity and responsiveness are more comparable to a framed pontoon boat than it is a float tube. Sponsored. We have two tiny chihuahuas that ride on the boat with us and they like it better than the canoe we had before. Altogether, it weighs only 14 lbs. This boat type lacks the portability and ease of setup found in the standard one-person pontoon boat. But why does it only have a 1-year warranty? Some of our favorite options for keeping it simple include: While their inherent build is quite simple, there are some highly equipped, impressively designed inflatable pontoon boat options when it comes to integrated features. While this option is only really suitable for still water applications, the included value for the price point is better than excellent for those seeking a unique and highly capable fishing or pleasure boat. The Colorado Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat by Classic Accessories is an excellent value option. Everything in the Pro Package plus the Minn Kota Riptide 55 (fresh and saltwater) motor* and Minn Kota Battery Power Center*. The Creek Company manufactures Inflatable Rafts, Pontoon Boats, Float Tubes, Stand Up Paddle Boards and Fly Fishing Accessories. You can install upgrades and modify this one or two man watercraft to specifically match your fishing or boating needs, and at a laughably cheap price point. Featuring two large pontoons with four individual air chambers, manufactured from thermo-bonded PVC, this pontoon boat is strong and stable, and can support two anglers with no trouble at all, even when theyre casting on the same side, which usually causes a big imbalance and even capsizing! Float tubes are a great option for fishing in lakes and small ponds, especially if you need to hike in to a body of water in the backcountry. Its heavier and more expensive than other pontoon boats on the market, but its definitely worth the money if white water action is your thing. However, if youre not a strong swimmer or youre venturing into more dangerous waters, then its a very wise idea to find a boat that has some integrated safety features, or enough storage space to carry safety equipment. Find more Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat With Transport Wheel information and reviews here. Coming in at eight feet long and about four and a half feet wide, this is a compact and highly portable pontoon boat compared to most other inflatable options. The two boats share the same DNA, but the XTS has so much more to offer, and the price reflects the difference. Those who are relatively fit could easily pack this boat into more remote lakes and ponds in order to access otherwise impossible to boat on water, although taking the trolling motor with you on the trail is probably not all that practical! These numbers mustnt be obscured by anything, and should be written in bold block letters that are a minimum of 3 inches high. Pay attention to the sizes and make sure you can easily transport and store your new boat. Sea Eagle Fishing Inflatable SUPs are the most versatile stand-up paddleboards in the world! This makes the Colorado a great inflatable pontoon boat for overnight river trips and multi-day floats. By simply unfolding the built-in wheel you can roll this vessel right down to the launch, and then back up to your vehicle or trailer once you hit the take out. These boats are great for fishing in really remote places, but that portability compromises a lot of features. Though its more like a floating fishing platform than a boat, its actually highly portable and easy to transport, store, and set-up. In total, the Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Inflatable Fishing Boat is 12 4 in length, 4 6 in width, and weighs a total of 75 lbs. $849.00 $ 849. Sea Eagle 285. Person Capacity 1 : Hull Weight 30 lbs. Designed with urethane bladders, whitewater quality valves, and a durable PVC shell, this option is suitable for running rivers and whitewater (depending on your experience) despite its appearance, IGSystem incorporates PVC sleeves with a movable base that accepts cargo pockets, rod holders, and anchors, Stern platform accomodates up to a 20 pound anchor, Fairly expensive considering how minimalist this option is, Seat sits nice and high to accommodate better casting ability and visibility, Zippered armrest pockets and rear storage platform total to a nice amount of gear capacity and organization for this boat's smaller size, Footrests adjust to a wide range of leg lengths, 350 pound weight capcity may be limiting for particularly heavy boaters and gear, Some may not be impressed by the fold down plastic seat, although it's easy enough to upgrade or modify, Heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and rugged nylon tops, Storage includes 10 mesh pockets, 12 zippered pockets and two insulated drink holders, Additional wire rear storage and battery platform, Anchor system with fillable mesh bag and cleat and pulley controls can fit on right or left side of boat, Rod holder can be mounted in three different positions on each oar stand, Some may not prefer the padded, fold-down plastic seat, Some may prefer one-piece oars over the included 2-piece, 7-foot aluminum oars, Storage includes 20 total pockets and two insulated drink holders, Additional wire rear platform storage that doubles as a battery platform. The Orvis Fish Cat 10-IR is a more unorthodox model on this list. The Aquos PF380 FISHME can also carry an incredible maximum load of 970 lbs too! Hopefully, something on this list catches your eyebut stick around for our buying guide and FAQ below if youre still in need of some pontoon-related advice! The documentation required includes a manufacturers statement of origin or bill of sale, an application form for the title and registration, and the necessary fees. The Best One Person Pontoon Boats for Fishing Go as Follows: Pontoon Boat Weight Maximum Capacity Durability Fishing Practicality Total Score; 1. Free shipping . Box 6406 Physical Address: 106 Thomas Dr. Americus, GA. 31709 US: 1-229-924-8155 International: 011-229-924-8155 Fax: 229-924-1211 Sales Email: E-Mail Customer Service Email: Office Hours Here are some of our favorite options for anglers: If you're simply seeking an inflatable pontoon boat for lounging, reading, or just drinking some beers with friends, there are some great available options that don't focus so much on integrated fishing features. This high-capacity pontoon boat features two 9 pontoons held in place with a strong tubular steel frame. The storage capacity and overall organization is limited to just the two zippered gear bags, so this is more of a day-trip option than an inflatable pontoon thats suitable for multi-day river trips. How To Care For An Inflatable Pontoon Boat. Powered by. Find more Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat information and reviews here. If youre into fly fishing, then this may be the boat for you. or Best Offer. However, if you need something small and compact to navigate smaller waterways, a small single-seater might be best for you. Distress equipment, SOS signaling tools, life jackets, and other safety gear usually dont come as standard with most pontoon boats. Dont expect padded swivel chairs, motor mounts, or an abundance of rod holders. Constructed from military marine grade PVC, this is an exceptionally durable watercraft despite its inflatable build. There's a variety of both single and tandem options that are suitable for angling, running rapids, pleasure boating, and more, so make sure to check out our list of the best inflatable kayaks for some killer choices! *Batteries not included. That being said, there is a motor mount for securing some propulsion which will enable you to zip around in this bad boy. Whats more, the frame can also be disassembled to transform the boat into a spacious one-man expedition vessel for those who need more space on the water. This is an easy to maintain pontoon boat option that more or less offers the same capabilities as the big boys. The Outcast Sporting Gear (OSG) PAC 1200 is a stable two-person pontoon boat that offers excellent versatility and portability. The Power Center features very important inline manual reset circuit breakers, built-in LED battery meter display indicating how much charge is available and two 12-volt accessory cigarette lighter style plugs for your sounder, laptop or cell phones. All in, this pontoon boat weighs a total of 170 lbs. Copyright 2023 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat is perhaps the best option for both pleasure boaters and anglers who are shopping on a budget. What makes this boat special is the abundance of special features. ), Aluminum slat roll up over full fabric floor, Patented Folding Frame (U.S. Patent 7,240,634), might have very minimal wear (no barnacles or algae), might contain prior-generation components. With 94 x 51 of room to play with, theres plenty of space to fill. Save 2 person pontoon boat to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. It rides high in the water for added visibility, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable ride with a high vantage pointall at an incredibly low price point. The 375 FoldCat is a two person fishing boat that will fit into a car trunk. With an integrated anchor system, motor mount, extensive storage, and built-in rod holders and fly patches, this pontoon boat is truly equipped for virtually every style angler. Its also worth considering your garage dimensions too. Sea Eagle 285FPB Pro Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat Package. A bad join literally be the boats undoing. Find more Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat With Motor Mount information and reviews here. Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats for Lake and Fly Fishing. Its not suited to white water conditions though. $750. China Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boat manufacturers directory. It should be noted however that this boat has a max load capacity of 374 pounds, so if you and your passenger are both on the heavier side this pontoon may be close to maxed out. The Sea Eagle FoldCat features a patented folding system allowing this inflatable pontoon boat to be fully assemble in just minutes! The brand includes a pedestal swivel seat and guard bars with this purchase that you can choose to utilize or not. The brand even offers a 2-year limited warranty on this boat, a sure sign of a quality product! These include 20 pockets or storage, drink holders, a six-way-mountable rod holder, a two position integrated anchor system, removable storage and gear bags, a stowable transport wheel, bladder repair kits, brass oar locks, a two-position motor mount, and a padded swivel chair. Campingsurvivals 7.5ft Thickened Inflatable Boat, Rafting Boats with Oars and Air Pump, Red/Black. Thanks! Classic colorado best bang for the buck . The XTS offers more comfortable, versatile seating for anglers and pleasure boaters alike, so its a great option for those who appreciate a more luxurious ride. In just 5 minutes you have a rock solid pontoon fishing boat! When the FoldCat is fully inflated and the underbars press up against the aluminum cross boards it creates a rigid aluminum frame on top of the pontoons, making the FoldCat a rigid fishing platform. The water snake motor is powerful and very responsive. They offer greater stability and durability, and can accommodate larger motors. Here are some of the often overlooked features that fishing pontoon boats can have that might be useful to you: Many anglers are quick to look at the maximum load capacity of a boat, but dont look closely at the storage options available. This will provide access to the inflation and deflation valve. No doubt an excellent value buy from Classic Accessories. Its not only fishermen who can benefit from owning an inflatable pontoon boat. The standing area is constructing from a 12-piece steel frame that feature a small chair and a lean bar for casting whilst standing. The rock-solid aluminum frame is designed to handle rougher river conditions and is designed with a spacious standing/casting platform for the front passenger or angler. Heavy may receive a commission if you purchase a product through a link on this page. While most inflatable pontoon boats are designed with fishing as a focus, there are a few models in particular that are particularly well-equipped for anglers. If anybody wants to see more pictures of the wheel kit, feel free to contact me. The frame is a constructed from powder-coated steel tubing, and the pontoons are built out of heavy-duty abrasion-resistant PVC and Nylon. Pond King manufactures a line of affordable mini pontoon boats that are ideal for fishing small ponds. Cheaper options use powder-coated mild steel, which is strong and long-lasting but weighs quite a lot. The High Adventure features a strong powder-coated steel frame thats secured to two heavy-duty pontoons made from 18oz PVC coated polyester, and strong internal vinyl bladders. However, its mainly fly-fishers who buy them. Intex 68347EP Seahawk 2 person Inflatable Boat Set with Air Pump and French Oars. The higher weight capacity of the Outcast furthermore makes it suitable for overnight river trips if you equip this vessel with the necessary storage system. The height of the seat is at least designed for adequate on the water visibility and ease of casting. Best inflatable pontoon fishing boats; What to look for in a fly fishing pontoon boat; Pontoon boats Vs. other watercrafts; Pontoon boat safety; . 4.5 out of 5 stars 19. Some valves operate differently, but the majority of them have a spring and pin mechanism opens or closes the air valves. Your email address will not be published. Inflatable pontoon boats can be inflated and deflated easily, and the frames can usually be assembled and deconstructed in minutes. (75 lbs. Jon Boats Pedal Boats Inflatable Boats Inflatable Pontoon Boats. with with aluminum cross boards), 3 hp gas (min 20" shaft, 45 lbs. AQUOS Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat. You won't need a trailer to transport the Sun Dolphin Sportsman 10 Fishing Boat! This two-person fishing boat features two adjustable and removable swivel seats for convenience and ease-of-use. The Cumberland Float Tube is a compact tube that consists of a hydrodynamic shaped hull made out of a U-shaped pontoon. The wide stance of the pontoons combined with the structural strength of the platform makes for a truly stable and secure fishing space. Thrust Electric Motor (Fresh & Saltwater), Minn Kota Riptide 55 lb. Fishing float tubes are not inflatable pontoon boats, but there are a couple that are tube-pontoon hybrids. The Fish Cat 13 features a 20-inch pontoon diameter, giving it an impressive load capacity of 750 pounds, so you can bring all your gear and some with this workhorse. Sea Eagle 375fc 2 person Inflatable Fishing Boat. Shop at for Inflatable Boats for Adults Kayak Canoe Boat Set 2-Person PVC Inflatable Rafting Fishing Dinghy Tender Pontoon Boat with Paddles And Air Pump for Water Sports Fun : Sports & Outdoors. It is an excellent still water fishing vessel, as well as a highly capable alternative to a drift boat or raft for running rivers. There is even an integrated lean bar for some assistance and support standing and fishing from the bow. This makes our Sea Eagle FoldCat far simpler to set up than most other fishing boats. If youre into fishing, there are plenty of fishing pontoon boats to research. Its perfect for grab-and-go-anglers and weekend warriors, just blow it up and hit the water!