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You can reduce compatibility issues by updating the complete upper receiver rather than changing individual components such as the barrel. But if you are building your very first AR-15, here are some factors to consider when choosing an AR-15 .458 Upper Receiver. Web.458 Socom | Two Uppers With One Lower! There are a couple standout features on this upper receiver: First, the handguard. Check out the bore size on these 458 Socom uppers. The SOCOM is also capable of launching 500- 600 grain bullets at subsonic velocities for suppressed or tactical use. WebThis model is +P rated and has a snag-free enclosed hammer. WebRadical Firearms 10.5 in. If you have a mil-spec AR-15 lower, this upper will be a perfect fit. As with US Special Operations Command requirements, for the .458 SOCOM to be viable it had to be suppressor-friendly (hence the low velocity) and cycle on semi or full-auto. Lasty,the handguard is comfortable and quite sturdy. The upper sells for a little over $300 direct from bear creek or your can pay a $150 more for the exact same rebranded upper at midway USA. This is a true stripped receiver thats built to handle most of the larger-sized rounds on the market. If youre a beginner or a casual firearm enthusiast, weve got everything you need to know before purchasing your first .458 SOCOM Upper receiver. When you press the start button, it will open by itself. Black Rain Ordnance packs a lot to like into this complete upper receiver. Sun: Closed. The BEAR The result is what you see today, but beyond the cartridges historical significance, one lasting benefit of the innovation is the ease of adding a .458 SOCOM upper receiver to a standard AR lower and running it in unmodified 30-round AR magazines. WebSpecifications: 18 inch 458 SOCOM 416R Stainless Heavy Barrel by Shaw Barrels with 1x14 Twist, SOCOM Feed Ramp, and 5/8x32 Threads. The best .458 SOCOM Upper Receivers seamlessly handle the firepower this round produces and are engineered to perform in the harshest combat conditions. Black chromoly barrels and Blackened Stainless barrels are externally coated with 2400 Series Bake-On GunKote. And it had to hit like a sledgehammer. WebStaff Upper Builds; 6" 9mm Barrel Muzzle Combos; 16" 5.56 Upper Builds; Barrel Blowout; Blank Lowers And Frames; Flip Up Sight Combos; Handguard Sale ; Kits And Combos Plan to use a dedicated .458 SOCOM lower your current kit is incompatible. Ive really been waiting on Black Friday deals. However, the 18-inch barrel doesnt make it an ideal gun to carry around town. Finding out early on the type and classification of the upper receiver you choose will influence the outcome, the durability, and the cost of your AR-10 build. With BCA unbeatable prices alot is out of stock. Order Status: Check the live status update banner for current processing times. In terms of And thebolt carrier groupisblack nitride coated, which is a nice touch considering the price point. Today, he loves to shoot and write about his weapons. So somebody made the 458 Socom to accomplish this. 458 SOCOM Upper Assembly (2) $619.95 (Save $31.00) $588.95 Final Sale CMMG Resolute 100 MK4 .350 Legend Upper Receiver $699.99 Black Rain Lastly, the entire upper receiver body ismachined with angular cutstoimprove durabilityandrigidity. >18 Shocking Meals People Ate When the Shit Hit the Fan, >Heres What You Should Keep With Your Gun In Your Home Defense Kit, The Best 458 Socom Uppers Reviews: Checking Out the Big Boys, GLFA AR15 Complete Upper .458 Socom 10.5. WebPREMIUM .458 SOCOM COMPLETE UPPER-STAINLESS BARREL 0 Review (s) Your Price: $549.95 Retail Price: $589.99 You Save: $40.04 (7%) Out of Stock. On sale: $699.99 $349.99. 458 SOCOM is more advanced than the Cross Machine Tool Billet Upper Receiver in that it has more features such as shell deflector and M4 feed ramps. Delta Team Tactical, complete upper called the Brute in 458 SOCOM only $189.99. A15-R .458 SOCOM Complete Upper Receiver. Therefore, if you have both, you should not be able to fit without a problem. WebBuy a Buffalo Bore Ammunition SSO42256 Buffalo bore's hunting and sniping ammunition is an ideal load for use on north americas' biggest ga for sale by GunFactory on the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 946693236 He teaches Intuitive Defensive Shooting fundamentals and tactics to shooters of all skill levels. However, beyond the type of material used, the type of construction process can also affect the cost and durability. This is actually good and bad. The .458 SOCOM round has been made available with various projectiles from hollow points to subsonic rounds and even polymer-tipped options. Barrels can use mid-length or carbine-length gas systems. Firing in a hallway or close quarters due to a home invasion event can undoubtedly damage your hearing. The AR-15 bolt carrier group (BCG) is the heart of your rifle. These properties enable the receiver to handle a .458 SOCOM round and protect the rifle when you shoot in bad weather conditions. Built like a tank to withstand all sorts of 458 Socom loads. Many aftermarket parts do not fit this upper receiver, including some aftermarket bolt catches. Ultimately, thisAero Precisionupper receiver is definitely for AR-15 builders. But therelease latch is enlarged. No matter what youre doing, youll need the best 458 Socom upper you can get. Although this would work with other large bullets like the 50 Beowulf or 450 Bushmaster, since it has purposely built feed ramps, its recommended you stick with just using the .458 SOCOM. This DPMS replacement barrel is fully chambered and ready to install on an upper receiver. So this particular upper receiver is designed to perform and function better. WebThis model is +P rated and has a snag-free enclosed hammer. And theejection port coverislaser engraved with 458 Socom.That way people can see how cool you are. If you use an upper receiver that is not designed for heavy rounds, you are going to experience some problems with locking lugs, and your receiver may even crack. Citadel 1911 Review: Best Budget-Friendly Pistol? Gun deals, hand's on reviews, educational content and news on law changes, every day! WebThe Faxon Match Series 24" Heavy Fluted 6mm ARC AR-15 Barrel is designed for precision and performance, with a heavy fluted design that reduces weight and enhances performance. It is highly durable, and it comes with an enlarged ejection port to properly eject larger .458 rounds. Similar to an AR-15, it should be set up and ready to go out of the box. Cast uppers usually come out rough and are finished off with a CNC Mill. The coupon code "704tactical DOES" is not valid. Get gun deals, hand's on reviews, educational content and updates on law changes, daily! This.458 SOCOM Stripped Upper Receiver from Anderson Manufacturing is ideal for those who are new to AR-15s. Its still a niche round trying to find its place amongst the new ones coming out. Easily mount this on any standard AR-15 lower, and youre off and running. Barrel features right hand twist button rifling. Its about as durable as you can get. Compatibility also helps to reduce recoil, which youll find to be helpful when shooting your rifle. If so do I need to change my buffer weight? This means that you need to put this receiver together. It is also compatible with aftermarket rail systems and handguards. PREMIUM 16" M4 BARREL 6.5 GRENDEL TYPE II 416R STAINLESS STEEL BARREL, COMPLETE UPPER $379.99 Back Order. Weve rounded up a whole bunch of the best 458 Socom uppers for your review. The gas system should work with the bullet grain weight you plan to use or you risk short cycling or jams. Heavier upper receivers will give you better stability and handle these more powerful rounds better than lighter materials, and polymer uppers will eventually give out from firing these large rounds. Does that mount to a standard lower? There is nothing unique or sophisticated about this upper receiver. Button rifled. It also features a wider ejection port for proper and easy extraction of larger .458 rounds. This is the mechanism that is responsible for the semi-automatic and automatic firing weapons on the market. And its affordable enough to fit most budgets. Overall,the handguard is really comfortable, sturdy, and usable. Its durable, reliable and it comes at an affordable price. Thats kind of a given, though. In terms of strength-to-weight ratio, cast metal is the worst option. The GLFA AR-15 Complete Upper .458 Socom is kind of the median 458 Socom upper receiver. 15" MLOK Rail. Beau has also trained with the USCCA and is a current member. So, when choosing a.458 Upper Receiver prioritize durability. If you have any feedback or question about my articles, please submit it here, it's always appreciated! Pro2a Tactical builds the 458 socom Uppers using the most stringent standards here in the USA and is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. There are plenty of AR parts, but to build an AR-15 .458 SOCOM rifle, you would need to do some proper research to determine what parts to purchase. This upper receiver is designed to fit any standard mil-spec AR-15 lower without any additional fitting and should work with most Mil-Spec AR-15 upper part kits. 2300 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Suite 103-317, Roswell GA 30076. There is a wide variety of .458 SOCOM rounds, and they vary in weight. Available in Black 4150 chromoly steel or 416 Stainless steel options. Butits also the most durable and capable of handling any ammunition you stuff into it. Choose FREE Shipping Option at Checkout for orders over $250. WebAR-15 7.62x39 16" STAINLESS BLACK CLAW PREMIUM UPPER ASSEMBLY / MLOK. This article is part of our ongoing Guide to Everything AR. However, at the muzzle end, the handguard has4 picatinny rail sections. Then I bought a 5.56 nato upper from them and the extractor was broken. The flats milled under the handguards are for mounting of the M203. Uppers can come in a variety of materials. This is handy because, even though M-LOK is popular, a lot of lights and forend attachment still ship with picatinny mounts. Our extensive testing has found the Lancer L5 AWM magazine to be optimal for this round. Use a special AR tool for tightening up the handguard cap. It does also help to follow the necessary safety measures when cleaning your rifle, like ensuring that it is not loaded before you clean it, and using the right equipment for the job. I used 350gr. Manufacturer Part #: 10186. American Firearms was established by firearm fans for firearm fans as a modern-day take on all things that go BOOM. Below is my list of recommended .458 SOCOM uppers. Ammo is cheaper! Made from high-quality 416R stainless steel, this barrel features a nitride finish for maximum corrosion resistance, nickel teflon extension for added durability and lubricity, and 5R rifling It mounts to a standard AR-15 lower for an easy setup. There are a wide variety of loads available for the .458 SOCOM, Cross Macine Tool Stripped AR-15 SOCOM Upper, .458 SOCOM AR-15 Overbuild The Ultimate Big Bore AR, The American Firearms Guide to Shotgunning. I have an AR do the .458 uppers just go on the normal 556 lower??