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i cleaned the filter put the cover back on turned the pump but it doesnt seem to be priming . Use a Drain King to pressurize the pipe backwards, to remove such clogs. If no power at motor, check connections for tightness, inspect wire and conduit for damage. But the process seems to take way too long. Dec 14, 2021. We were cleaning our pool filter one day and went to restart the pump and it didnt. Mine is doing same thing. Weve not had this issue the past 2 years (we bought the house 2 years ago). What do you have the output percentage set to? It would run fine. },
Hi Rob, normally sunshine will not cause a motor to overheat, but if it is having other internal issues generating heat, it could push it over the limit. I have a Hayward Self Priming Super Pump Model # C48J2N131B1. One of the tads were not in the slot. Home / Pool Equipment / Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps / Hayward Pool Heater Troubleshooting Hayward Pool Heater Troubleshooting September 24, 2019 March 3, 2023 Mark Garcia Have a brand new Hayward power flo LX. The original pump (assy A) smells burnt. Hi Davy,I have a Hayward pump and its not priming.The basket is only filling up halfway with water. APPLY FILTER Pumps Filters Heaters Cleaners Sanitization Automation Lighting White Goods Accessories Solar Safety You can also order capacitors online. 2. pump lid gasket or o-ring not lubed, or not positioned properly (superpump) Thanks, Jim, Jim, they can be sticky sometimes. Do they sometimes have to be replaced? The selector plug MUST be moved or the breaker will trip every time you try to start it up. Upon resetting an electrical short sound came from the pump motor tripping the breaker a second time. I would inspect it for corrosion, wire tightness, water damage or insect damage. I tried starting again one morning but the pump wont start. Any idea how to fix this? The pump has two drain plugs and the filter has one drain plug, all located on the bottom. Attached please find a copy of the Aqua Plus Operation Manual Please note Section - Configuration Menu Items, Cell Type Selection, page 16. Next step would be to remove the cover and put your leads on the terminal board, right where each wire connects. Ive read online it is most liked a valve that is faulty in some way. So in actuality the pump is only being used 4 months a year for 8 hours a day. I put a new power cord socket in the water proof box, which feeds power to the pump, I shined up the power cord plug pins), (power cord is about 2.5 ft of 12 Ga, not wet, not laying on the ground) The correct lateral assy for the S210 filter would be the SX210DA if you used a smaller assy, the pipe wont reach all the way into (inside of) the multiport valve base, and allow sand to enter the pipe but just a theory, you likely used the correct and full height SX210DA? Hi, I have 2 issues with my 1530 above pool. http://www.inyopools.com/blogSHOP at our online store! If the gears are not moving, either the motor for the clock is dead, or insects or lizard is stuck in the gears, or the breaker is tripped or off, or the breaker is bad. this year, pressure goes up to 30psi. All breakers have some wiggle to them usually, but a very loose breaker could be a hazard for arcing or even fire so should be checked out, if so. Motors have a thermal overload switch to shut off the motor when it gets too hot. On initial trial for ignition. Flex pipe used on skimmers can eventually narrow and crimp, leaving a small opening that clogs easily. Suggestions ? Filter runs fine at first, but then eventually loses its umph and then the return becomes minimal. If flame is sensed with the gas valve off the control will go into lockout. FYI I moved the voltage selector to 115. Is there something special I need to do when first installing the motor? Guess I was wrong. Motor may still be good. ), and the pipe that threads into the pump (is it loose, shrunken? Could also be a vibration noise, or rocks/pebbles in the pump basket. The arrow should point in the same direction as the water flow. Should there be some form of gasket here? All pipes are 1.5 and solidly installed with primer and high quality glue for the PVC used. Do I need to use lube on the gasket, how much sand should be in the filter? Manually spinning the shaft can break the rust bonds. For a DE filter, pull out the grids and clean them off. A wire connected to the terminal board may be loose or burnt. Put it in the line at the pool, and as the pump begins to catch prime, crimp the hose and slowly pull out of the pipe. Had it running today at high rpm and totally turned off after about 20 minutes. Hayward pro lx 1.5hp pump turns on for 5 seconds, shuts off, then light to moderate, white electrical smoke from pump. Ray1davis@comcast .net. Davy: I have a F5 code and service light is on. Dont know if I need a new pump or what. Today two years later, same company opened pool,pump stuck and want to install another 3400vsp for $1330. When I turn on my clock and put my ear close to the clock I hear the clock sound like its on but my Hayward filter does not turn on and makes no noise. Im still getting air? I would call back the electrician, he may have fumbled this while wiring it, such a problem is rare, and could hardly be blamed on the manufacturer, but if your electrician says that its not his fault, have him put in writing on company letterhead, what the defect of the motor is which can help you in getting warranty assistance. Any suggestions? If thats not it, check the valves on the suction side (skimmer/main drain) to be sure they are not leaking air. If communication between the ignition board and the display board is not established within 3 s of power-up an error will be displayed. Whats the problem. If not, use an outlet tester or plug in a different appliance (light, hair dryer, fan) to see if the outlet has power. If the motor is fried, you can either replace the motor and shaft seal or spend more, and replace the entire pump (although the motor is the only thing you would really need). PUMP IS 15 YEARS OLD. Wire size inside socket too small (cant carry the current). The following steps will provide a guide on how to recalibrate a Hayward Aqua Rite. All Rights Reserved. How do I get the lid tight enough? Inspect the following areas: If you see air bubbles coming from the return fittings on the pump, there may be an air leak on the suction side. "width": "611",
Hi Pat, good question you can continue to use the IG pump, no problem. Do you have the correct cell size chosen in your diagnostics menu? All works good now. Some very old pumps have impellers that need shimming from time to time, or resetting the distance from the volute, but thats with keyed shaft motors, on older bronze pumps (not plastic). That could explain the pumping problems. Well it so happens that I am having the exact same issue with the new cell. No reset on the pump motor, but a little water on the wiring, and it will pop a GFI outlet. Is this normal? The regular tristar is only $100 cheaper now, so Id go for the Tristar VS. I know I have power going to the unit, as I can hear it go on and off in the transformer, when I hit the switch. Well, you first need to inspect it, and if the parts are broken, replace them. The water is probably not related, but yeah, may be a loose hose or if not, then likely a bad shaft seal. You may need to start shopping for a new motor and shaft seal, or a whole new pump of the same size and type. Just replaced the sand and cleaned the fingers, replaced the o rings and have a psi of 15 and great suction. Thanks! "url": "https://intheswim.com/",
Probably not related to the water, but something is not right. Pressing on/off buttom followed only by click sound of switch. An electric motor shop local to you could test them, perhaps for free or low cost. IF the switch works, but the motor does not come on, then I would first look at the Visual Motor Check on Intermatic clocks. },
My Hayward mother is a 1.5 hp. I have a maxi-flo 2 and it just stopped working. If it is a union valve, cream also on the union nut. Anything else to fiddle with or bad motor? Could be the use of a clarifier or flocculent that is clogging the sand? The Hayward Aqua Plus Automation System should have the capability to accommodate several T-Cell sizes. Cavitation refers to a pump being starved for water, and as you describe the water level in the pump basket is low, but also the pump makes a grinding noise, like its gargling rocks. I have been able to spin the motor shaft. It could also be just too much moisture on the motor terminals. Size: PCB Main Circuit Board PCB Display Board PCB Main Circuit Board PCB Main Circuit Board PCB Display Board Tim, all I can think of is maybe the pump is not self-priming pump? Harwil type flow switches can become damaged over time and will need replacement at some point. The actual unit of measurement for DE powder (lol) is a 1 lb coffee can size scoop. Hi Chad, when a motor makes no noise at all, I suspect power issues. You say the pump is connected AFTER the filter? Will it do it any harm if we leave it running? If the filter pressure goes higher when this happens, it could be an obstruction inside the filter or filter valve, or after the filter on the return line. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that is funded by user donations. Pull out on the dial, and reset it, until you feel the gears engage. No lubricant is needed for spider gaskets. Im assuming that the motor makes no noise at all? Please advise. I have replaced the Aqua Rite printed circuit board and the T-Cell-9. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=hayward+h-150+manual the first pdf link is the older model H150, the second .pdf link is the newer H150 models, altho it may not make a difference. This usually means the motor needs to be replaced. OR actually, since you say that it starts good and then loses flow that would be different probably an air leak in front of the pump (pump lid, or the pipe coming into the pump, or leaky suction side valve), or a stuck skimmer weir blocking water flow, or low water level causing a vortex in the skimmer. By looking at the return valve, you should be able to see if it is squarely closing off the pool return pipes. It makes humming sound 1-2 times before starting. 12 ga or 14 ga? Pump making loud grinding noise, any solutions. You can either take the motor to an electric motor repair shop for rebuilding (new seals/bearings), or buy a new motor, or buy a new pump. Hi John, the cap for that motor is START CAPACITOR, 161-193 MFD (BC-161) we dont carry it, but easily found online. After the pump and filter are fully drained, screw the plugs back in slightly to keep bugs out, but leave them loose so they will still drain, as needed. The blower will continue to run. Hi Jacob, I would check the connections of the wires first. Hello. It runs fine but no strong circulation. Hi Ann, in such cases, I would probably use a plumbers Pipe Wrench or very large Channel Pliers may work, or I have seen custom tools home-made from 24 wood, that fit over the ridge on the lid, with a few inches on either side to push on, or tap with a hammer. The latest Lifestyle | Daily Life news, tips, opinion and advice from The Sydney Morning Herald covering life and relationships, beauty, fashion, health & wellbeing We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Leaks can also come from loose drain plugs, or loose bolts on the seal plate, connecting the motor to the pump. switch and to the capacitor, to be sure nothing is loose or no crimped wires. {Thinking it could be the timer motor) Problem still the same. A local motor shop could probably fix you up for $100, if you can remove the pump, and drive it to their shop. I just had a pool built for me. I have an inground salt water pool with a spa and my flow rate was low so I cleaned out everything and replaced the filters and now the flow rate seems good with one problem. The 1.5 hp pump was so strong you couldnt stand in front of the single return, which is why I used smaller pump. We have tried switching outlets and that sometimes works. What am I missing? I only rotated the one piece how can the screws not go right back in? Also check other possible pressure side problems, like a closed or broken exit valve on the filter, or other restrictions further down the line, up to the pool return fittings. Could this be my problem? Can it be repaired or do we need a new pump? Hi Paul, Ants can be a problem, when they get around motors or circuit boards, but it sounds like a pump motor problem, and could simply be a weak capacitor, in the rear of the motor (black cylinder). Usually the capacitor (9 oclock) or the thermal overload switch (12 oclock) must be removed to gain access to the shaft, whereupon you can use an open end wrench to grasp the shaft and turn it slightly, back and forth, to break the rust free. Or you can buy the bearings and seal, and with a set of bearing pullers you can replace your own. Check that the drain plugs are tightly inserted with Teflon tape, and that the pump basket is inserted in the proper way, and is sitting all the way down. This noise does not happen when the water is flowing through the heater but it is not turned on. Testing a Pool Pump's Capacitor If your pool pump is not starting, but instead gives a 'hum' or a 'nnngh!' The air may be there on high speed too, its just not noticeable. Incorrect sizing can cause multiple problems, including low water flow. I have a max-flo vs pump and it cant seem to stay at a high rpm for any long stretch of time when its sunny. Hayward has a 4 year warranty on these drives. Id call the install tech for troubleshooting. Replace with the exact same MFD number capacitor if defective (they can be tested) the capacitor is the battery that starts the motor. Holy smokes! thank you Kelly. I couldnt believe it..after two weeks and a new pump! Does that have to be over the two spades or one? Hi Joe, make sure that the pump shaft is spinning freely. Filter. Get Mountainside Fitness reviews, ratings, business hours, phone numbers, and directions. more, View info. We recently had a makeover of our backyard where we replaced the concrete with pavers and it could very well be the sands and dust (yes, I had to vacuum the pool a couple times to get it clean) that got into the parts that helped speed up the demise of the pump. It wont respond to the controls at all. Have had it for 4-5 years and have had no issues. old. I replaced the breaker and electrical plug which showed some damage but motor does not start and breaker still tripping You can patch the fitting usually with pool putty or silicone, but the best repair is to replace the fitting. You are using an out of date browser. Pump shutoff during 24 hours of pouring rain. Hi. I put the pump back together and it still leaks. Hi, each pool filter system has a different pressure, but if there was a normal pressure, many systems are designed to run around 10 psi (clean). Also could sometimes be the centrifugal switch, located on the very end of the shaft, in the rear. So i contacted them and waiting for response but tempted to just get another replacement to keep circulation in pool because i just drained and refilled pool 5 days ago and running a waterfall pump to get some circulation and watching chlorine level. Or use this Pump Cord. Compare to Hayward T-Cell-15 Fox example, a 1 hp Whisperflo creates twice as much flow as a 1 hp Superpump. When you first turn it on it works great with strong suction. Hi, I changed my Sta Rite motor, it was 10 years old and did not start anylonger, with a brand new one. regardless, i am replacing the electrical cord. 2. You could provide a kind of tabletop shade to the motor, but dont enclose it and restrict air flow. That is usually what causes the rattle. Also could be a loose stationary switch (motor rear, 6 oclock) or a loose centrifugal switch (motor rear, dead center). Also make sure that the stationary switch copper tabs are not fused together, and that it is centered on the centrifugal switch. Should I have it checked or is this normal? If you want, you can remove the capacitor and wrap it in a heavy cloth, or rubber sheet just in case. What do you think? If not, you should cut out the fitting and replace, smearing on some Blue RTV sealant, and then wrapping the threads completely in 3-4 layers of Teflon tape before screwing it into the pump. On/off on/off. GFCIs are sensitive, but for a reason. The control is set for the wrong turbo cell type. My pump is one horse power. Also possible that the rubber is damaged, inspect closely for signs of wear while cleaning it. Air can also enter the system from low water level or a stuck skimmer weir, bringing air in from the skimmer, or from loose and leaky suction side (skimmer/main drain) valves. Your old motor may have been uprated, and new one full rated? What happens if too much air gets in before the high speed kicks in? i removed the filter fingers and cleaned numerous times. If the wiring is Ok and the error persists, replace the sensor. Motor wiring is pretty simple, green to ground and the other two wires, doesnt matter which one, go to terminals L1 and L2. I replaced the entire pump motor and the same thing happened. When it comes to troubleshooting Hayward pool heater error codes, theres not too much difference between the problem solving process for other gas-fired heaters, made by Jandy, Pentair or Raypak. Replaced motor and seal on my Hayward Northstar. I was able to isolate all the other electrical circuits at the Aqua Logic power panel. Use Teflon pool lube on the pump lid o-ring, reapply every 4 months. Seemed to be operating fine and I was vacuuming pool and lost suction. I made sure the basket was seated properly and put grease on the o-ring on the cover and made sure it was tight. Hayward websites have been developed in compliance with standards for Internet Explorer 10 or later. It could also be an obstruction in the exhaust, like a birds nest in there, blocking the air flow from the fan. Before you test your capacitor, take note of its appearance. Could this be true? Third guess is closed or broken valves, clogged filter, clogged impeller, or other obstruction preventing water flow. All switch in the center. I just purchased a new pump and installed it but once all the hoses are connected even with the pump off the pump is leaking from the strainer housing. Would Hayward do anything for me? Yes, very important to fill the pump up with water before running, or prime the pump from a bucket or garden hose. Ive never owned a pool before and didnt have any problems all summer until the last 2 weeks. Outlet works fine. Thanks. When it cools it automatically trys to start again and motor turns on after 3 seconds of humming. Another possibility could be a clogged pump impeller, should have mentioned that earlier. Better call an electrician for that though, 2 speed Hayward pool pump motor is very loud only when on high speed. Next, check continuity from lead to lead. Replace with identical MFD number, printed on capacitor. Hi Heidi, it sounds like maybe the plumbing could be reversed? The AquaTrol Are T-Cells interchangeable on Hayward AquaRite Systems? Filter primes and runs great with no air bubbles try to let it run all night to get ready for season. It worked great for the season. Hi Davy, I have a brand new Hayward motor/pump as shown above on your site. Tripping the breaker, could possibly be a bad breaker, allowing too much voltage to pass thru to the pump. Directions say to hold motor end of shaft with wrench and to turn impeller counterclockwise (by hand). Thanks. Thanks. "dateModified": "2/24/2015",
The pump then ran fine for about 10 minutes and then stopped working again. i just installed a vspnp hayward pump and when i flip the breaker on it only makes a clicking noise. Check the wiring in the back of the motor, is the cord firmly attached? If the backwash line continues to leak, remove the multiport valve lid and inspect the spider gasket for wear or damage in the waste port area. They can also fail if used on a salt pool (there are salt seals that can be used), or if the motor and shaft heats up to high temps. and check each motor lead to ground. Check the serial number on the pumps sticker. I believe we have the drawing in air issue at filter, I cannot locate to purchase the o ring seal and valve cover for this model. Hi Terri, when you connect the vacuum hose to the skimmer to start vacuuming, this is like increasing the length of the pipe from the pool to the pump, which makes the pump have to work harder, kind of like drinking through a very long straw. Something is very loose, or missing, or clamp band threads may be damaged, please be careful people have been fatally injured by pool filter tops popping off under pressure! Now it runs nice and quiet but still overheats and shuts off. Can you help? A whirlpool in the skimmer that is deep enough can suck air into the pipe. Power on LED is intermittently on or off. Please let me know what can be done if anything we may be calling for info. Hello Davy, you just saved me a few hundred bucks. Did you rewire the time clock too, or just the pump motor? Hi Doug, my first guess would be that the motor was set to accept 230V but was given 115V, or vice versa. Whats that part called in case I do break it? "keywords": "hayward pool pump",
I replaced the motor a couple of years ago. "contentUrl": "https://x1.adis.ws/v1/media/graphics/i/lesl/its-logo-wide",
Hi, could be that the capacitor has worn out. If you dont have a control system, and just a breaker box subpanel and maybe a time clock, the click could be coming from a switch inside the motor, which could be loose wires, low power, bad capacitor, loose switch, or something jamming up the motor shaft or internal fan. I have a Hayward SP2607x10 pump with a Hayward C48k2n143B1 self priming super pump. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. Hi, that could be many things, from low water level to a broken impeller, but its usually an air leak. If the meter reads zero, and stays at zero the capacitor is bad. I hadnt run my pumps in a couple of weeks. Hi Scott, if the cracked case seal has any possibility of letting water in, maybe you can silicone it to seal it up. there is an air leak, on the pump lid, or around the pipe that comes into the pump, or the pump drain plug. how to watch past broadcasts on twitch. If your sweeper has a booster pump, could be a problem with a clogged impeller, or air leak into the pump, or some other pump issue. Flip circuit breaker all the way Off, then back on again. If your pump plugs-in to an outlet, it could also be a bad outlet, or bad wire or connection from breaker to outlet. Hi Davy, Chlorinator Pro CP-15 Cell. Hayward Tristar VS manual https://hayward-pool-assets.com/assets/documents/pools/pdf/manuals/tristar-vs-S3202VSP.pdf?fromCDN=true has some good troubleshooting tips. My question to you is what to do from here. You could also use a Hayward 24 sand filter, item E3324. If there's one thing for certain about pool equipment, is that they will all break down at some point in time. Went out today to find the lower plastic shroud melting again? Shouldnt be having a problem so soon, no but it can happen, but more likely to not be the shaft seal, but the exit pipe, or a leak around the impeller housing, check the bolts around the pump, to be sure they are tight. started having the problem "description": "Hayward Pool Heater Troubleshooting Guide - how to step by step approach to determining if the water supply, gas supply, electrical supply or a component of the heater is causing the issue. Hi Davy! it continues to cycle this way. The box is reading no water flow and psi is just above 0. My pump, when in the normal running position, leaks water in a slow steady flow out the tubing used for backwashing. Hayward pumps use different shaft seals, you can find the correct one here: https://www.intheswim.com/c/pump-parts?pcode=208&scode=SOCIBLOG . if it does not come back on, check switches, turn breaker all the way off and back on again. 20amp fuse is not blown. 8. check power at the motor, with a multimeter set on 240V+ place test probes on the brass screws or terminals where the two power wires connect. "datePublished": "3/27/2015",
This is a brand new pump out of the box that was installed and the inlet is drawing water in and filling basket and the outlet is discharging water but it just trips the breaker everytime. 2 year warranty. The pump is pretty hot. Looking for pool parts? In my area, the pool gets opened mid May and closed mid September, and runs around 8 hours a day. Its a ecoclear 1.5hp. Hi Clara click doesnt sound like a motor runnning, perhaps you are hearing a relay click, but if the motor itself is not turning over there could be a multitude of reasons why, but in most of these cases, the problem lies where the power dies. (PUMP and RETURN pipes). UNK the , . BUT THE BEARINGS. The outlet has been replaced and the issue is still happening. Thanks. Good luck ~, I have a salt water inground pool the other day i noticed my pressure is going up and down from 14psi to like 4 to 6 then back up even couple of mins. The Twelfth Edition of Business Research Methods reflects a thoughtful revision of a market standard. Nothing seems to give it juice. Do you have a video clip to show how to replace it? Can I replace a specific part or do I have to buy a new one? Look for any small drips or oozing around the filter, or you may be able to hear a small hiss, when the pump shuts off. hayward blue essence troubleshootingpeel and stick tile 914665 hayward blue essence troubleshooting. I have replaced my existing super pump with new one. Sanitization, Learn About Is there a resource I can look at to help understand the enter system, that is control by the Aqua Logic Power Panel. Pump motors are not normally on a GFCI breaker, unless your pump plugs in to an outlet. Click Here to View Replacement Aquarite Parts 25 This advanced blue media lasts for the life of the cartridge to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the pleated fabric that can foul and weaken a cartridge. Also inspect other wires in the back, look for any pinched wires, or wires touching each other. Step 3: Double check the wires on the flow switch for damage. the pop may have been the capacitor blowing, its a black cylinder located at 9 oclock in the rear of the motor. that would be rare, very rare. thanks. If you have a multiport valve, set it on Recirculate, to bypass the filter, and rule out any problems there. Hi Jeanette, somewhat normal with sand filters I would say first. Anyone else have a scientific explanation? then I tried to switch it on again but the pump wont start. Hard for me to say if the motor is shot, but it has sure had a rough life!