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We request that you complete this DIGITAL FORM in order to facilitate and speed up the process of identification and *pre-analysis (non-binding) of the process submitted by the applicant. Issue. April 30, 2021. Incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, accessible, and evident across the board that they truly care about the people they are helping. My last name is Salita and Ive known my whole life that my family comes from either Spain or Portugal.. General Support Specific Projects Planned Giving Wall of Honor. The Jewish community in Kobe, Japan compiled this list of European refugees and their relatives overseas, so that JDC can solicit aid from family members. Do I have to hire the services of a lawyer? I am exploring the DIY route first and I'm hoping the Facebook groups you suggested might help me. They really care about helping their customers without any other interest Site Powered By SiteBuilderAvenue.com It meant that people from all over the world could easily obtain a second passport, many of whom had never been to Portugal. Can I file a family application? I will take a look at all of the Facebook groups you mentioned. Find Portugalist on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram June 17, 2022 . 2,000 is still a lot of money, but its much cheaper than many other routes to citizenship such as Portugals Golden Visa Scheme. It was the best decision choosing you as my lawyer. This document indicates that the Portuguese Jewish community recognizes the individual as having Portuguese heritage. A request for this Certificate must be addressed to the Jewish Community of Oporto or to the Jewish Community of Lisbon From December 15, 2014, the Jewish Community of Oporto began receiving requests from descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews who wish to obtain a certificate issued by the Portuguese Jewish Community attesting this status. But, despite that stumbling block, both Trevor and Jonah have developed strong ties to Portugal. Be patient, but also start early, says Trevor, whose aunt is also now applying. A simple letter will do. Her surname was Bair, which is a German-Jewish surname and she was 3/4 Ashkenazi, but he had to look a bit further before he found the Sephardic connection. CITIZENSHIP FOR SEPHARDIC JEWS - Consular services - Consular matters Finally, Jonah got in touch with the Rabbi from his childhood synagogue who connected him with a Sephardic rabbi. So it is time to get your application in to the Portuguese government now, while the process is understood and well navigated, and your chances of receiving the necessary recommendation can be easily evaluated. Closed on Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and Portuguese Bank Holidays. Bar Mitzvah Certificate 10-pack. The best lawyer firm Ive had dealt with. 2. Turning Portuguese - BBC News Using them guaranteed honesty above all. The Jewish Community of Lisbon (Comunidade Israelita de Lisboa) has appointed Rabbi Natan Peres, who formerly served in Manchester, London ( Lauderdale Road and Bevis Marks) and at the Esnoga in Amsterdam, to lead the congregation. It will be sufficient to submit one of the following: Certificate from a Sephardic Community. Some hid their practice of Judaism over the years and are generally designated as secret, hidden or crypto-Jews. Critics of schemes like this suggest that, while it may help Portugal right a historical wrong (somewhat), it doesnt necessarily help Portugal advance. LISBON: Portuguese prosecutors have detained a rabbi and carried out raids over the naturalisation process of a number of Jewish people, including Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea football club.. Portugal's Public Prosecution Service said late Friday that it has detained the leader of Porto's Jewish community, Daniel Litvak, as part of their investigation into . Applications should be presented at the Central Registry Offices (Conservatria dos Registos Centrais) in Lisbon, in diplomatic services, and the Portuguese Minister of Justice was invested the power of granting nationality. The next stage, researching the family tree, will take considerably longer. The Sephardic Heritage Project. Josh has been helping me on and off for a few years now. The anti-Semitic persecutions at the East, the fast rising of Nazism on Germany, cause the arrival at Portugal of the first Ashkenazi Jews, who quickly integrate into the Portuguese society and into the Community. Tribunals were set up in a number of towns in Portugal, but also in the kingdoms overseas possessions, namely Brazil, Goa and Cape Verde. I just found this website! To be on the safe side, Trevor collected more documents from the synagogue and was able to trace his family tree back even further. Its not longer enough to simply have Sephardic Jewish heritage; you now need to show ties to Portugal such as inherited property or regular trips to Portugal throughout your life. Many have received their letter from the Jewish Community, but have not gone through the legal hurdles of processing their application for citizenship. I will choose them again next time if needed. 30-A/2015 and 26/2022, which amended DL 237-A/2006. A truly incredible development and one which brings me deep joy. The first step to apply for a certificate of residence in Portugal is, as often, to go to the Junta da Freguesia, in other words, the Borough Hall closest to your home. I imagine this must be tiring re-sharing with everyone who asks, but would it be possible to share with me your list of suggested lawyers. Jewish Heritage Tour of Lisbon by Portugal Premium Tours Certificate of Confirmation 10-pack. He had just married his wife, Agatha Barbasch, in April 1914, in Odessa. Not being able to obtain the legalization of the community, the Jews from Lisbon created, especially during the second half of the 19th century, charities in the form of autonomous organizations, whose statutes were subject to approval by the civil government, or in the form of private foundations, usually managed by ladies. Between 1826-1835 Poland, Russia, and other Central and Eastern Europe countries required separate Jewish birth, marriage, and death records be kept in areas where several Jewish families lived. A simple copy of a valid passport (page containing personal data, picture and signature) expiring date larger than 6 months. Birth certificate issued within the previous six month* 5. The answer to all the above questions is no. The fact that anyone arrested by the Inquisition was subject to having his property confiscated insured that the campaign was carried out with alacrity. At that point, he decided to investigate further. In Jonahs letter, he mentioned all the Sephardic rituals his family practiced. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A valid and specific power of attorney (when not presented by the applicant himself). Explore the historic sites of vora and Belmonte, then make your way to the Douro Valley for a wine tasting and a river cruise. Also, we inform you that, in case of no approval, the donations given are not refundable, without prejudice of the process come to be analyzed again through presentation of additional documents. Unfortunately, however, this route isnt as easy as it once was. Jewish Federation helps Jews seek Spanish citizenship - Las Cruces Sun-News My step-mother (who adopted me at age 4 -- I'm 55 yrs old) has been eligible for citizenship (her brother already got citizenship in spain); i'm wondering if, as an adoptee, I am eligible for citizenship? Adi Berger was a wonderful advocate for me and I am deeply grateful for her help! They are very friendly and professional. $16.95. Trevor speaks what he describes as passable Portuguese, having studied through Duolingo and later through a Portuguese class he took in London. If youre not sure whether youre your surname is potentially Sephardic or not, take a look at Sephardim.co. Is a recommendation letter from the Jewish community in Porto or Lisbon enough to acquire Portuguese citizenship? His grandmothers grandmother was British and belonged to the Bevis Marks Synagogue in London. Oded Ger did an excellent job by reviewing a modeling contract I was offered. I am a Jewish, 80-year-old American, and my wife is not Jewish. Despite the expedited application, however, with research included the entire process still took around 17 months. A legal team that is friendly and cares for a superb result My wife and I strongly recommend anyone planning to go through this process seriously consider hiring Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co. and, specifically, Ariel Galili. Close to 40 years after the Rebbe asked that the Tanya be printed in every city where a Yid lives, the 8,000th edition of Tanya came rolling off the press. Later, in 1916, this association will open the Hebrew Hospital that came to play such an important role in supporting the Jewish refugees during the 2nd World War. All Jews share the same Synagogue, Shar Tikva, which has kept the original post Inquisition Sephardic Moroccan ritual. Visitors. We hereby, clarify that, a first opinion by e-mail is not binding. Another decisive step towards the constitution of the present Jewish community of Lisbon was given in 1894 with the holding of a General Assembly of the Jews of Lisbon in order to unify the services of Shehit (ritual slaughtering and provisioning of cacher meat). End your trip with walking tours in the cities of Porto and Lisbon . If/when possible, evidence of some level of ladino speaking proficiency/culture will be highly appreciated although its not a must. Lisbon's modern Jewish community: Lisbon's main synagogue called Shaare Tikva, or Gates of Hope, is a historic synagogue in Lisbon. If you have recommendations on lawyers that would be greatly appreciated. Finding a good lawyer and knowing when you need one is hard.. Despite the expulsion and the persecution of their ancestral territory, they have kept, along with their descendants, not only the Portuguese language, in some cases, but also the traditional rites of the ancient Jewish worship in Portugal, saving their surnames over generations, objects and documents proving their Portuguese origin, along with a strong memorial connection to Portugal. The process until we received the extension for another year for my wife was not long (3 months). For Jonah, the process went a lot faster. You'll also stop by historic . PUBLIC ATTENDANCE: Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm | 2pm to 5 pm. They had numerous international contacts due not only to their commercial activities, but also to the family ties worldwide. Lisbon Jewish community continues handling Sephardic - ECO News We were very pleased and content with the services of this law firm. In 1515 the king requested to establish an inquisition to systematically persecute New Christians, but it was initially denied by the Pope. Personally, I am grateful for support in visa issues as a foreigner living now in Israel for many years. All taxes. Click here to get in contact with us. These were mostly marketers, from Gibraltar and Morocco (Tangier, Tetouan and Mogador) and some of their names still expressed the connection with their places of origin in the Iberian Peninsula, before the expulsion period. It was built in the early 20th century as Jews, some but not all of the Portuguese descent, returned to Portugal from Gibraltar and North Africa. The author makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors or omissions or damages arising from its display or use. And. Administration staff to answer all questions, receive and perform a pre-check of the documentation. Genealogical According to the Conservatria dos Registos Centrais the certificates issued by the Jewish communities must be followed by the applicants genealogical tree. The project, called Tikvah (Hebrew for "hope"),consists of a 41,645-square-foot structure created in collaboration with local architect Miguel . I'm super glad of choosing Joshua Pex of Law office for immigration solution, lawyers to advise in my case, to me, it is remarkable. All content, including comments, should be treated as informational and not advice of any kind, including legal or financial advice. One day while looking at a photo of his grandfathers family, he was struck by how similar his relatives looked to hers. We highly recommend Adv. Do I have to speak Portuguese? Is a Jewish community certificate enough for Portuguese citizenship? The creation of a bulletin, directed by Joseph Benoliel, link between the community members, the organization of a library in 1915 and the foundation of the Hehaver Israeli Youth Association, in 1925, represent other stones of the consolidation of the Hebrew Community of Lisbon. It will be a dream come true getting to live my life in Portuguese as my ancestors did.. Private Jewish Heritage Tour of Lisbon. But you will not be able to request a passport with a letter from the Jewish Community alone. Both communities have records from the time and will be able to verify whether you are, in fact, of Sephardic heritage. The Jewish Canadian Community Portuguese Citizenship Eligibility, The Portuguese Jewish community in Germany Entitlement to Portugal Citizenship, The Moroccan Expellee Community and Portuguese Citizenship, The Jewish community in Portugal Recommendation letter, Jewish Portuguese Citizenship for Spouses and Children, Multiple Names When Applying for Jewish Portuguese Citizenship, Applying for Jewish Portuguese Citizenship with a Criminal Record, Cost for Jewish Descendants to Obtain Portuguese Citizenship, How Long It Takes to Get Jewish Portuguese Citizenship, Documents for Jewish Portuguese Citizenship, Algerian Jewish expellees communities and eligibility for Portuguese citizenship, Greek Jews Spanish Jewish Expellees Eligible for Portuguese Citizenship, Famous Jews of Sephardic or Portuguese descent obtaining Portuguese citizenship. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Jewish Lisbon tour : explore the jewish districts and Sephardic history About us. New citizenship law has Jews flocking to tiny Portugal city The Lisbon City Council issues certificates exclusively to Lisbon residents. Jewish community certificate with religious-related status in Portugal, under the law in force at the date of entry of the Regulation, proving Sephardic Jewish lineage of Portuguese origin, through surname, family language, genealogy, and family memory. However, King Manuel I of Portugal, who had initially issued a royal-decree law guaranteeing their protection, ordered in 1496 the expulsion of all Jews thatdid not convert to Catholicism. A Jewish community certificate: first step to a Portuguese citizenship Not included. The entire team is very friendly and responsive. We had a pleasure of working with Irena Rosenberg who assisted in getting our two U.S. born children registered in Israel and supported visa process for my wife in 2021. Working almost single-handedly, he organised . News. Each member of the family, including the children, should file the application separately although, for the purpose of the certification issued by our community (step 1 above), having already checked the documentation of a member of the same family does make it easier to check the documentation. By chance when his parents visited Lisbon for their 25th wedding anniversary, a tour guide mentioned this new law that Portugal had passed to allow Sephardic Jews to regain their citizenship. That evidence, along with your family tree, is submitted to the Portuguese Jewish community in either Porto or Lisbon. We were searching for a law firm that will be honest with us and really work hard for a satisfying result, it wasn't an easy task c. Click on the town or city you wish to search. If you have one of these letters, but have not gone further than that, reach out to us now. Guide of frequently asked questions on the acquisition of Portuguese The government may accept three types of documents. Hope to work with you in the future, and will send everyone I know in need of legal aid your way. Jewish Odyssey history in Lisbon 2023 - Viator With well trained and professional secretary at the front desk to the lawyers team, I could say that I had one of the most professional services possible. By Decree-Law, it is mandatory to hold a certificate issued by the Portuguese Jewish Communities - duly registered locally under the status of religious legal entities, that is, the Jewish Communities of Lisbon (CIL) and of Porto (CIP). In 1860, a synagogue was built in Faro. There are 7 steps involved, and you will be able to see what stage your application is at. When we started looking into her family, we saw her grandmother [Trevors great great grandmother] had the surname De Pinna and we thought maybe she wasnt entirely Jewish or maybe she was Italian? All the applications and attached documents/means of proof are kept in our records for future reference and a list of all issued certificates is sent monthly to the Portuguese Ministry of Justice. Married to a Portuguese Citizen? Hi James, We have been Jews forever. For Trevor, he doesnt have any immediate plans to live there due to work commitments in London but he still reminisces of a trip he took to Portugal several years ago. Our Customer Service Staff does a pre-analysis withoutcommitment of any advance donation or final approval obligation. A birth certificate (including name and parents name, proof of name changes when applicable, place and date of birth). European Union Citizen Registration - certificate For Sephardic Jews Descendants - Relocate to Portugal Hi James, All of this adds up to a lot of documents, and its recommended that you keep them all in a tidy, organised folder on your computer. document.getElementById( "ak_js" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 150 Menachem Begin st., Tel Aviv, 6492105, Israel, Tel: (+972)3-3724722, Fax: (+972)774702790. Lisbon Synagogue was built in the early 1900s appropriately enough by Jews who had returned from a long exile in Morocco and Gibraltar. Lisbon, 1941: The Messiah, the Invalid and the Fish - Chabad Jews of Portugal and their recent rebirth - JNS.org Power of attorney 4. Portuguese citizenship for Sephardic Jews - Sephardic Citizenship Inaugurated in 1904 and designed by Miguel Ventura Terra, the synagogue was the first synagogue to be built in Portugal since the 15th century. $32.95. Photos: Oded Kaizerman/Anash.org. They deserve more then 5 stars!! Sometimes documents are hard to find as many have been destroyed, often on purpose. The Jewish community is small in Lisbon, and kosher food has been extremely difficult to get in the city, often impossible in the past. When we have the money, well get a vacation home there, he promises himself. Opened in 1904, the synagogue was named Shaare Tikva, which means Gates of Hope . Once confirmed, theyll provide a certificate which you can submit with your application to the Portuguese government. In addition to the first Jewish quarter, in Pedreira neighbourhood . which must respect the order of the documents as they appear in the table indicated in the procedures He eventually needed a lawyer to submit the application to the Portuguese government, but was able to do a lot of the other work himself. Thank you. Jonah paid around $1350, which also included his flight to Washington, DC, where the Portuguese embassy is located which was essential as he was applying from the US. 8,000th Tanya Tells the Story of Thousands of Stories. Lists in the Names Index | JDC Archives - American Jewish Joint Are you sure that you want to switch to desktop version. An open letter to the UN Secretary-General from the Portuguese Jewish (list of documentation) In 1143, when King D. Afonso Henriques received recognition of Portugal as an independent kingdom, the Jews had been present on the Iberian Peninsula for over a millennium. Certificate from Jewish Community in Portugal or evidence as requested in next column: A) or B) 2. All the legal requirements regarding the application of descendants of Sephardic Jews of Portuguese origin for Portuguese nationality (through naturalization) are clearly defined and stated in thePortuguese Decree-Law 30-A/2015and 26/2022 , which amended DL 237-A/2006 in which the Regulation on Portuguese Nationality is approved. Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal Genealogy FamilySearch Lisbon Jewish Community web site. Exclusive and specialized guide/driver. . But let's just quick gather the facts in few words: Portugal became an independent country back in 1143, almost one thousand years old, but the Jewish population already existed in Portugal for a long time. Kaplan became inspired about the topic while researching her 2008 book, Dominican Haven: The Jewish Refugee Settlement in Sosua, 1940-1945, which chronicles the eventual path taken by German Jews who had been able to cross the Atlantic by way of Lisbon.Expanding upon that focus, she sought out diaries, letters, and other archives housed at the USC Shoah Foundation, the Fortunoff Archive at . We definitely recommend using them. This certificate must contain the following data : Full name; Date of birth; Birth; Membership; He is completely trustworthy and high caliber in his work. We receive daily applications both from individuals and law firms. Neither the passport nor the birth certificate mention your Jewish identity nor the avenue by which you were able to get it: its exactly the same as any non-Jewish Portuguese persons passport. Thank you, Joshua and Itamar for your help with our Joint Life Application. We were in a devastating situation when my wife received an order from the immigration office to leave Israel within 30 days, without any explanation, after we have been married and in the process for six and a half years. Therefore, the certificate must be provided with the genealogical tree indicating dates and places of ancestors birth, death and marriage. I dont think this law will be around forever, says Jonah. He is trustworthy, fair, and goes above and beyond to advocate for the vulnerable. Application Form Model B - example List of documents. Just found your page and it is fantastic! How to obtain an attestation of residency in Portugal in 6 steps - Lisbob The Ohel Jacob Synagogue ("Tent of Jacob") was founded in 1934 by a small Jewish group of Ashkenazic origin from Central Europe. Jewish Vital Records FamilySearch Nationality: Acquisition by Descendants of Sephardic Jews - Consular Applicants are expected to provide different means of proof and it is understood that they will not be the same in each particular case and some people wont be able to provide all of them: We propose this model bellow - A genealogical description with the direct ancestors in text . If you need to, click to watch our support tutorial. Conservatriados Registos CentraisRua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 1981099-003 LisboaE-mail:registos.centrais@irn.mj.pt, Phone: (+351) 213 817 600Fax: (+351) 213 817 698. Gratitude, God has blessed us with wonderful beings who have accompanied us, including a "precious angel" who touched our hearts, our excellent and fantastic lawyer: Maria Chernin Dekel, sweet and wonderful human being, who has guided us and stayed On our side. In June 1941 Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the future Lubavitcher Rebbe, arrived in Lisbon together with his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka (Moussia). As well as documents relating to his family tree, Jonah also submitted photos of his Bar Mitzvah, recipes that had been passed down through his family, and any other customs he could think of. We heard of Advocate Pex through a friend of a friend. This new criteria is confusing, but it shouldnt take too long too work out whether you meet this criteria. We achieved our goal and the fear of deportation has been lifted! While Trevors great great grandmother used the surname De Pinna, generations prior to that used De Pina, Pina, or just Sarfati. The rabbi was able to look at his parents ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) and was able to confirm that it was Sephardic. Personal family name, records and documents (including image, video and audio) of family ceremonies,weddings, burials, registration at Jewish communities, birth certificates, property deeds, bibliography and book quotes, copies of inquisition archives and alike. (download), Model B Genealogical Description PT EN.doc. Once Portuguese citizenship has been granted, the Portuguese Central Registry Office will send a Portuguese birth certificate to your address. Request a Resident Certificate. Certified Document Proving Sephardic Jewish Heritage Portuguese authorities will accept proof of Sephardic Jewish heritage if one obtains a certificate from the Portuguese Jewish community in either Porto or Lisbon. Nadia gave us service behind what we expected; she was professional which lead to fast and easy process with great result $32.95. Today, Portugal is home to between 5,000 and 6,000 Jews with the majority in Lisbon and Porto, whose communities have around 500 formal members each. Mike Decker and have know him for many years. Jonah coincidentally already had a strong connection to Portugal, as he was previously dating a Portuguese girl. James, thank you for sending lawyer recommendations to others. * We remind that this pre-analysis is not binding and definitive and does not mean the final approval of your process, checking in advance whether the process is eligible for due study and historical analysis in order to apply for Portuguese Nationality based on Decree-Law no. The pandemic also caused delays in obtaining the required apostilles for various documents from various state agencies and the US State Department. Highly recommend. Financed by Joint and other international Jewish institutions, the community kept the Economic Kitchen/cuisine?? They may have birth certs or documents that can help, as well as stories that may be able to point you in the right direction. The smaller Jewish communities of Lisbon and Porto are the only organizations that can approve applications, which must show ties to one of them. Nevertheless, while this letter from the Jewish Community does not mean you hold citizenship, it is absolutely crucial to the citizenship application process. She didnt talk about her background very much, so we didnt know many details about her background.