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They represent actors aged above 2 years old. The requirements for the commercial and theatrical departments submissions are substantially different, and can be found on their site. There appears to be next to none mention of the agency online, apart from a website which lists the agencys email and not much else. Interviews by appointment only. HEAR OUR STORY. The agency does not take calls or drop offs, and interviews take place only by appointment. Theyre good for theater, animated film and television, TV, radio, commercials, and even event hosting. The firm has been around for 30 years, according to its website.The agency represents actors from 5 years old and up working in film and television, commercials, voice over, stunts, and musical theater. We also attend showcases and local performances. Represented actors are aged from 6 years old and above, preferably Latino/bilingual actors. The Stander Group is located in Sherman Oaks, and has a moderately large clientele momentarily consisting of 140 names. The agency also represents talent in other fields, including producers. The team is familiar with building and selling brands like the Kardashians, Bombardier, and Marriott, which should tell you something. Ideal Talent Agency 2023. Top 10 LA Talent Agents that Accept Online Submissions Complimentary resource from Top 10 Talent Agencies in LA that Accept Online Submissions Download YOUR list now by signing up for our emails! Considering the size of the agency, the owner has managed to build an impressive number of 90 clients. The agency represents children as well as adults of all ethnicities. M.O. Linda McAlister Talent is clear on what they require from prospective clients, stating that they value respect, talent, and serious work ethic. Clear Talent Group has an impressive estimated 642 clients. Today, the agency boasts more than 100 employees, 60 agents, and an office on each coast, making it yet another strong competitor among all other top talent agencies in Los Angeles. Take a look at our newest department, BBA Inclusive. It also has other divisions within the entertainment industry, including sports and. They want demos attached as links only, and do not accept calls or drop offs. To submit to the On-Camera Broadcast Division, please send a current headshot and resume (no larger than 1 m) to submissions@callidusagency.com. L.A. Please send a current headshot, resume, cover letter, and link to online demo reel to our LA Office with, To submit via email, please send your materials to. They are also well connected with regions outside of the US, including South America. First Artists Management is run by a staff consisting of talent agents Vasi Vangelos and Alexander Vangelos. Actors should keep in mind that when contacting the agency, the divisions have different agents whom the actor should email. If you wish to submit without a referral, please see the instructions below for the department to which you are submitting. (FIRST) AGENCY FOR PERFORMING ARTS (aka: APA) ADDRESS: 4025 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 TEL: 310-888-4200 ATTN: Jim Gosnell (CEO), David Saunders (Sr Feature Literary), Lee Dinsman (Sr TV) (SECOND) CREATIVE ARTIST AGENCY (aka: CAA) ADDRESS: 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067 TEL: 424-288-2000 LA Theatrical Department Submissions Please send a current headshot, resume, cover letter, and link to online demo reel to our LA Office with Attn: Theatrical Department. The agency is expanding towards both San Diego and Las Vegas. Very attractive, athletic males 15 25 years old. CAA is more than a top Los Angeles talent agency it sits with the best around the world. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. JSTA is located in Hollywood, CA, and represents approximately 110 clients. Your headshot should capture the talent agency's attention. Momentum also maintains a very nice rating and positive reviews on their Facebook page from represented actors. in one photo, actors should wear fitness clothing) can be found on the agencys website. When reviewed on their Facebook page, users have said positive things about the agency, including that they are professional and caring. ATA is affiliated with SAG. The agency is located in Valley Village, California, and has signed with names like Tiana Benjamin (EastEnders).The agency has a simple website where more details about the agency and the submission process can be found. submissions@eristalentagency.com Name * First Name Last Name Email * Subject * Message * Los Angeles Phone: 424-389-0008 Address: 15303 Ventura Blvd. For those meeting this requirement you can send your materials to submit . No phone calls or drop-offs. In terms of submission, the agency wants materials to only be submitted via email. men. The agency does not accept drop offs. They do not want calls or drop offs. EquitySubmissions@KMRTalent.com. TALENT is sister agency to internationally renowned L.A. MODELS and New York Model Management . The Corsa Agency is run by two agents Thomas Richards and Larry Corsa. The firm describes themselves in their own words as a truly international talent agency.The agency has been around for about 30 years, and has a website for more details. Gersh is a top talent agency that is strong enough to be considered one of the powerhouses in LA. Send to: Mallory Levy atsubmissions@ddonyc.com, Subject Line: Stage Theatrical, Film & Television New York Submission The agency is run by agents Brant Rose and Toochis Morin.Although the agency has signed with actors like Miguel Sandoval (Medium) and Genevieve Adams (The Skeleton Twins), the agency seems to lean more towards representation of non-actor creative talent. KMR has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. accept hard copy, a green trend in Hollywood. Central Artists represent clients aged from 2 years old and above, and are interested in signing with ethnic actors in particular.The agency does not accept drop offs or calls. The agency does not disclose any details of what type of talent it represents or what their submission policy is, however,represented clientele include television and film actors. The agency is big on diversity and encourages actors of all ethnicities to submit material to them. The agency holds interviews only at appointment. On their website, they can be reached using a contactform. The Levin Agency has an estimated 140 clients and is located in Beverly Hills. Actors should also include links and other material relevant to promoting themselves. They state that they represent new and established talent alike, which is great news for completely new actors.Regarding submissions, The Polygon Group has a specific submission policy where they do not want unsolicited material, unless the adult actors have not been in at least two national commercials or alternatively have been a guest star at least three times. The agency has a strong social media presence, created through its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.The agency has several different divisions listed on its website, including adults and babies. Representing: film, TV, theatre, literary, and alternative artists. A second point is that the agency accepts only submissions by industry referral. Led by a team of three, the agencys talent agents all have an impressive history of working with representing creative talent through bigger agencies. When submitting to the agency, ST has a contact form on their website. TLA is no stranger to social media, having profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.The agency represents talents in several different artistic disciplines, and sign with actors working with television, commercials, voice over, and film. The latter includes voice over work in animations, radio, and video games to name a few examples. JLA Talent does not list any form of submission policy, but has a general email which may potentially be used for new talent submissions. The agency has a website.AAA represents talent aged between 5-75 years old, and is affiliated with several associations, not limited to SAG-AFTRA and WGA. The agency is very well established, with offices in 4 US cities; Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The firm does not take in unsolicited demos and doesnt want drop offs or calls. Actors under 40 years old with extensive multi-cam credits, particularly actors 26 34 with heavy multi-cam credits. Email: Links are preferred. Apart from this, the agency does not openly advertise itself or what its submission requirements are. Some agencies will accept any type of submissions, while some want them only over email or through regular mail, and others will not accept mailings but will accept invitations to showcases, and so on. 9200 Sunset Blvd., 11th Fl. Send to info@idealtalent.net Mail: Ideal Talent Agency 10806 Ventura Blvd., Ste 2 Studio City, CA 91604 DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE SEEKING REPRESENTATION. Information of who to direct your materials to is listed below. Currently holding 144 represented clients, the agency has offices in Beverly Hills, California.Elev8 has an email and a website which is currently under reconstruction. The agency does not take drop offs or calls. The firm represents actors from 2 years old and up in television, film, and voice over. Currently representing a total of 122 clients, the agency is located in Burbank.Integrity Talent has a simpler website where its lists the contact info to the agency and its agents. The agency represents clients working in theater, commercials, and print. To submit via email, please send your materials to The agency is located between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and is run by executives Joe Vance and Melisa Spamer. The agency is affiliated with several associations, including SAG- AFTRA.The agency does appear to have a website, but they also have a Facebook page, where they describe themselves as a full service talent and literary agency. Integrity Talent Agency is the agency standing behind creatives like Afton Jillian (Empire) and Stephanie Nogueras (Switched at Birth). Talent Agency LA NY Agents MICHAEL EISENSTADT President Adult Theatrical eisenstadt@aefhtalent.com GLORIA HINOJOSA Vice President Adult Theatrical & Commercial gloria@aefhtalent.com INDRA ROSE Adult Theatrical & Commercial indra@aefhtalent.com NICOLE JOLLEY Youth & Young Adults Theatrical & Commercial nicole@aefhtalent.com MILTON PEREA Pacific Talent & Models profiles itself as an international agency which has was established more than two decades ago in 1993. The firm offers a range of services, including training for actors. The firm does not accept drop offs, and wants all submissions sent by snail mail. The firm has stated that it is currently open for submissions, which can be sent either by email or by mail. Artists Agency does attend actors showcases. We offer representation in Film, TV, Theatre, Commercials, Voice-Over, Print, Industrials, and Hosting. Visit our homepage to find out the next audition date. Although the first steps to forming the agency were taken already back in the early 1970s, the company celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2015. When submitting to KMR, actors should consider that each department (and also the New York offices) have different requirements. Actors should keep in mind, however, that unsolicited demos are not accepted by the agency. One of the most prestigious talent agencies in Los Angeles, more commonly referred to as CAA, has a roster full of the highest-profile actors and a proven track record of winning its clients significant paychecks, CAA is the upmost tier for actors seeking a big break in LA. 427 North Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210. The agency has been in operation for approximately 20 years, and has declared in its mission statement that it collaborates mainly with actors working in film, theater, and television. The agency represents actors and other creatives working in commercials, film, television, print, and voice over.