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The villa is a very exclusive wedding destination in Italy and it is famous for having been the backdrop for worldwide renowned Hollywood movies such as Star Wars and Casino Royale. Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como, a dream venue for your wedding in Italy: Villa del Balbianello in Lenno is the most exclusive and luxurious Italian wedding venue on Lake Como. You can also acquire exclusive use of the villa on the other days of the week, but only after 6 pm (again, at a higher price). Please can you advise on the cost for a wedding with approx. Please can you provide available dates for May/June/July 2016 at villa balbianello. Many thanks. We understand the importance of capturing the beauty of Lake Como, and we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to take beautiful photographs on boats and in the Villa. We create wedding table decor, bridal bouquets, ceremony arches, mandaps, chuppas, and more for luxurious events in Villa Balbianello, Villa Balbiano, and Villa Erba, and other Lake Como wedding locations. We are hoping to get married in August 2022. Gillian warriner. Can you send me costs and availability for approx 100 people in mid june 2011 Elegant and familiar at the same time, the ideal location to fulfill a longtime dream and where to live unforgettable moments with the people you love. Civil ceremony based on around 30 guests to stay for 3 nights, Hello Abi, thank you for your comment. So you'll want to ensure that you're getting someone who can make your wedding feel like it's happening in the heart of Villa Balbianello, not just in some random building nearby. Here you can find the beauty of nature in the mountains and the gardens as well as the historical splendor of the buildings and its marvelous luxury wedding villas. For reference, please see the estimated price range below: For a Loggia Durini ceremony (with a maximum of 2 Hours), For a Loggia Durini ceremony + Loggia Segre Aperitif (with a maximum of 3 hours). Prices; The cost of a wedding in Villa del Balbianello depends on several factors such as guests number, day of the event, and your wedding choices . We are interested in info and pricing for Villa Balbianello for our wedding in September 2012. Another advantage of hiring a wedding planner is their wealth of knowledge and experience in planning weddings at Villa Balbianello. The high quality of the property's services is combined with the beauty of Lake Como and its romantic shores, making your big day exclusive and unforgettable. My colleague will soon send you come proposals by email. Lake Como Wedding Cost. The Villa's history and beauty make it an ideal place for a wedding, and we love to capture the emotions and memories of the couple and the guests in such a special place. It would be best if you remembered that the Villa del Balbianello is a historical building with certain restrictions on the number of guests that can be accommodated. thank you for your comment. We would ideally like to hold a civil ceremony and wedding reception at this location for around 60 guests. In conclusion, timing is crucial in a wedding, and it is essential to have clear and precise arrangements with all vendors to ensure everything runs according to plan. Aimee. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Wedinspire.com Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Your email address will not be published. When it comes to photography, for example, hiring a cheap photographer may result in mediocre photos that fail to capture the beauty and elegance of your wedding. Many couples turn to wedding planners for help. Here, couples can celebrate with their guests . Hope to start soon the planning! More specifically, what services that would include (e.g., number of guests, catering, drinks, music, photography, legal fees for ceremony, etc.). Please could you send me rough prices just to get married at Balbianello Villa, this includes 20 guests. There are a variety of accommodation options nearby, and the villa can be . We would like some more information about getting married and holding a reception at Villa Balbianello , please forward me details on prices for a wedding ceremony (The wedding would be for about 60 guests) We would like to (if is a chance) to get on e-mail some photos from that magical place ! Could you please send me 2011 availability and pricelist for Villa Balbianello and possible options for wedding of up to 60 people (civil ceremoney & reception). We will be pleased to send you some more information through email. We are looking to get married at Villa Balbianello on a Monday in May/June 2012. Built-in the late 18th century on the site of an ancient Franciscan monastery, this villa comprises of two residential buildings, a church and a portico overlooking a little dock. At the feet of Lake Como shores by the villa, there is a small church, now transformed in a little shop with souvenirs and books about the villa. An exclusive, yet cozy place. They will also be familiar with the local laws and regulations, which will be beneficial when obtaining permits and ensuring that everything is done legally. thanks a lot for your interest. One of the most favorite couple in B-town, Deepika Padukone. would love if you could send me info on this wedding please in Balbianello Villa, como lake. When planning your Lake Como wedding, it's also important to keep in mind the cultural differences and customs of the area. Thank you! Villa del Balbianello wedding ceremonies Getting married at Villa del Balbianello is possible with a symbolic or civil ceremony that can take place on the grounds of the Villa in one of the following areas: under the Loggia (the most panoramic point): for small wedding groups and outside opening days and times; The villa features its own private pier and can be reached by boat allowing for an impressive entrance that will amaze all your guests. Thanks. I answered you with more details An intimate wedding can mean a multitude of things anywhere from just the wedding couple being present to a beautifully romantic day. Famous for its panoramic views and impeccable gardens, this Italian wedding venue is the place to choose if you want wedding photographs to remember. A message from the bride. Add your wedding business, and take your marketing to a whole new level. Veronica. The villa is filled with stunning interiors and a selection of art pieces collected by the last owner, Duke Guido Monzino. I am looking at about june 2011, any prices,photos, options and any other relevant infomation would be much appriciated. Thank you for your interest in our services. I would like to know the packages and prices for a symbolic wedding in seltember 2017 for around 50 people. ELOPE IN LAKE COMO, ITALY (real-life Lake Como Elopement) Can you please confirm costs for between 30-50 guests for both wedding and reception and whats included. A professional wedding planner will have the knowledge and experience to coordinate all the vendors effectively and efficiently, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the big day. Wedding Villas in Lake Como with the amenities of 4* and 5* hotels. And also for visiting the gardens and museum. HI, The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. Plan your wedding here. Specific Area for Wedding Breakfasts or Dinners, Up to 50 people: 4,200 6,000 / Over 50 people: 6,700, Loggia Durini / Loggia Segre Up to 10 people: 6,000, Loggia Durini / Loggia Segre Up to 20 people: 6,200, Loggia Durini / Loggia Segre Up to 40 people: 9,000, Loggia Durini / Loggia Segre Up to 60 people: 10,500, Loggia Durini / Loggia Segre Up to 75 people: 11,700, Loggia Segre From 100 150 people : 150 per person, Lake Terrace From 80 100 people : 31,000, Lake Terrace From 100 150 people : 310 per person. Are you able to send over a brochure or prices etc? Please can you email prices and packages for 2019, Hi, I would like to be sent more information about getting married here it looks beautiful. Italy wedding destinations: seaside villages, countryside towns, historical cities and romantic lakes for unforgettable Italian weddings. I am looking for pricing and available dates for April/May/June 2016 at Villa Balbianello. 88 years of expert advice and inspiration, for every couple. It is possible to celebrate a civil, religious or symbolic ceremony on the amazing Loggia Durini and . Therefore, arranging a boat service to reach the Villa is essential. Yes, I would like to receive wedding ideas, tips and special offers from Wedinspire. The monastery was stretching around a beautiful lake called Como, nested at the edge of a forest, surrounded by lush vegetation and hugged by the occasional waves from the lake. thanks. Discover the best way to plan a romantic wedding in Villa del Balbianello, and hire an Italian wedding photographer. Weddings at Villa Del Balbianello A stunning villa located on the lake edge. Could you send me more information and pictures of the Balbianello villa for a wedding venue, including costs and information about availabilities during the whole year 2013 as well. Could we please have some prices to hold a wedding reception in the gardens over looking the lake at this villa and also prices on food per person, boat excursions, flowers, accomodation and so on. Me and my fiance have recently got engaged and are very interested in this venue for our wedding. It's also crucial to work closely with the FAI to ensure that all the details of your wedding are taken care of, including the spaces you can use, the menu for your guests, and any other aspects of your wedding that are important to you. We are like "translators" of a meaningful slice of you, the light, the backdrops, the italian views and our sensitivity by delivering all of this in a picture. We can provide valuable recommendations on which vendors to contact. Im totally excited. Located just few minutes away from the city center of Lenno, the villa is just 45 minutes away from Como and 1 hour drive from Malpensa airport. Would it be possible to get more information on a summer 2017 wedding and reception for 20-30 people? Please send me the pricelist of a wedding at villa Balbianello! official rental fees of Villa del Balbianello. Some of them - like Villa d'Este - have become luxury hotels, while others provide exceptional activities for the whole family to enjoy. The Villa was constructed in 1787 on top of an existing Franciscan monastery by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini. Could you please send me the price list for a wedding at Villa Balbianello I would like the ceremony and reception dinner there for 50 guests this would be in June 2015. Built by Cardinal Durini towards the end of the 18th century on the site of a Franciscan monastery, Villa del Balbianello is probably the most famous of all villas on the shores of Lake Como. See more We are committed to providing a professional, flexible, personalized service to make your special day unforgettable. Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy, Exclusive Italy weddings 2023 Exclusive Italy Srl -. Memories of a fabulous place with a magical atmosphere. Timing is of the utmost importance in a wedding as it is the foundation upon which the entire day is built. With both options of open and closed venue to the public please. The villa is recognisable from afar thanks to its signature 30 meter high water fountain which is located in the lakeside gardens. They are only available for weddings and events. In order to reach Villa del Balbianello, you have two options. Happy Easter Ash. I wanted to inquire the costs and availability for a wedding in May 2019 at the Balbianello Villa. Could you please send me more information about this villa: costs, whats included, more pictures etc. 23 set 2022 A luxurious wedding at Villa Erba, Lake Como . A beautifully preserved historical palazzo, Villa Balbiano is an extraordinary Italian jewel situated on the Western shore of Lake Como perfect for luxuriously lavish weddings. In addition, you should consider the logistics of the wedding, such as transportation and parking for guests, as well as any other services that may be required, such as catering and entertainment. Hi, I recently been proposed to by my partner and we are both interested in this amazing venue. If you could also give prices on food per person, boat traveling, flowers, accomodation, or any packages you have. Learn cost and budgeting for a dream wedding at Villa del Balbianello. The boat (3) is the easiest. The photos show how beautifully a bride and groom show in such a location. Can you also please advise availability for September and October 2011 and also May/June 2012? For a Villa Balbianello wedding rental fees vary according to type of event, number of guests and day of the week. Hello, please can you provide me with information and costs for September 2018 approx 50-60 people. This magnificent villa is known for its picturesque gardens, where flowers and trees feature the colors of the Italian flag: green, white and red. With proper planning and preparation, you can ensure that your wedding at the Villa del Balbianello will be a truly unforgettable experience. The Villa's architecture is a symphony of lines and shapes, a concerto of stone and wood that tells the story of centuries gone by. I would like to know if there is any availability for May 2020 for private function. And this is it! Dear Lauren, Beyond simple photographs,Gabriella offered a real experience, with a personal approach. I have replied with all details via email. Also how far in advance would we need to book the exact date? I created this preset to preserve the best natural colors and contrast of the Lake Como area. It would be really nice if u send me the actual Price list for a wedding ceremony inlcuding about 70 guests for 2015 or maybe 2016 and further informations about this place (parking, sleeping etc.). And having an experienced professional at your side will help ensure every detail is noticed, from flowers on each seat to specific readings or music choices for different ceremony parts. We know that with the proper lighting and music, your guests will have a blast and create unforgettable memories of your special day. Dear Leila! They will also have a good relationship with vendors in the area, which will be beneficial when negotiating prices and ensuring that everything is taken care of. Im looking for all information available on having a wedding at Villa del Balbianello. We are looking to have a civil ceremony and reception at Vvilla Balbianello in June 2012. Lori. An intimate wedding with a vintage car in Praiano. Approx 20-25 guests. A.Wolf, Hi, we are looking to have a civil ceremony and reception within the grounds of villa Balbianello in June 2012 for around 60 guests. The elopement's color palette was set with blushes, mauves, peaches, whites and cream tones and a metallic accent of gold - with the florals showcasing primarily white, cream and greenery foraged from the surrounding area. From 5 star lakeside hotels and historic villas to local albergos and trattorias that are off the beaten track. The price of a wedding at Villa Balbianello varies from two to three thousand euros. Hello, If you want a very private wedding, then you can book your reservation on either of these two days, but at a higher cost. However, transporting materials can be challenging, especially if you are from a different country. Our next couple took on both spectrums of the word intimate when planning their big day; ie, they tied the knot with just the two of them and then settled down to a romance filled wedding dinner with both their sets of parents as their guests. All inclusive.civil ceremony, flowers, room price, meal, cake, champGne, violinist, boat ride etc. Please could you send us some more details, rates etc. From the breathtaking views overlooking Lake Como and the lavish surroundings to the opulent marble bathrooms, the guests will experience an unparalleled height of style and elegant luxury. Hi, Please discover 2021 Villa Balbianello wedding cost in Villa Balbianello facebook page. To keep the scenery of Como as the focus, the ceremony was a simple, yet lush arbor of greenery and all white/cream florals - set against the landscape of Lake Como itself. We reserve the right to request evidence of any feedback provided. We are Chinese Canadians and flew in around 29 guests from Beijing. This map shows the 3 options on how you can reach Villa Balbianello. We are interested for a wedding between Mai an Oktober 2011 at villa balbianello with c.a 50 guests. JDeutsch01@rcn.com We are looking for a very small intimate wedding with just 6 guest (plus bride and groom! Myself and my partner got engaged last week and are very interested in this venue for our wedding. please can you send me a rough guide to costs for this villa and the wedding packages available. We will soon send you an email with some more information about the amazing Villa del Balbianello. Ideal to enjoy a spectacular experience to enjoy with your friends and families, wedding ceremonies can be celebrated outdoor with views on the lake. Built at the end of the 1700s, this property has long been a location for gorgeous weddings. Dating back to the 18th century, the villa is ideally set in a privileged position offering breathtaking views on Lake Como. Hello Im looking to get married in August 2021 the number of guests would be around 60-80 maximum.. Are you able to send prices and packages available? Alessandra & Lake Como Team. Villa del Balbianello is situated in . The cost of a wedding in Villa del Balbianello depends on several factors such as guests number, day of the event, and your wedding choices. Rochelle, Hi, It would just be a wedding for two no reception. Dear Sophie, thank you for you enquiry! Villa del Balbianello Thank you in advence I would also like to know the cost of exclusive rental for approx 80 guests, as well as food/drink prices. In conclusion, hiring a professional wedding planner for your wedding at Villa Balbianello on Lake Como is an excellent idea. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski who tied the knot in Lake Como in July 2010. Can you please email details of prices and wedding options for 2012. please can you send me the pricelist for aug 2011 for both civil ceremony and reception in villa balbianello please. Gabriella is a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER providing WEDDING PHOTOS SERVICES IN VILLA BALBIANELLO, Lovebirds Nest in Lake Como: Wedding Planning in Villa del Balbianello. Hopefully a restaurant with music or with a lively Italian atmosphere, in either Bellagio, Varenna. Hi,my name is Diane and Im looking for more information on lake coma weddings eg.price lists for around 70 people and info on the villa if possible thank you..ciao. that I would like the information for. I sent you an email to the address indicated. Depending on the guests number, ceremony can be celebrated on the Terrace (small groups) or under the Loggia (bigger groups). Lake Como Florist team offers exquisite wedding flowers and decor for events in Italy. Villa del Balbianello will leave you breathless, thanks to its beautiful terraced gardens and picturesque structure. with both the ceremony and reception to take place in the gardens over looking the lake. Surrounded by a magnificent garden with romantic alleyways lined with statues and elegantly trimmed hedges, the villa is a real dream for an exclusive wedding on Lake Como. As a wedding planner, one of the questions I get asked the most is 'How much does it cost to get married in Villa Balbianello?' If the celebrant runs late, it can throw off the entire program for the day, causing delays and causing stress for the couple and the guests. Stunning Villa Balbianello - Lake Como - Italy Villa Balbianello Pricing Guide. Hi, can you send me more info about Village del balbianello please. Balbianello is for sure one of the most stunning venues in Italy for destination weddings and pictures are better than words! Villa del Balbianello is located right at the end of a wooded promontory. These wedding planners may also receive a commission from the vendors they recommend, which means they have a financial incentive to push certain vendors over others. The stunning location and beautiful gardens overlooking Lake Como. During one of these gatherings, Giuseppe Parini oversaw the building of the seven-century loggia and two pavilions connected to it. Contact us today for a free consultation! These villas in Lake Como are the perfect choice if you are a couple with a very small group of guests, and who prefers to rent just some areas for the ceremony and the reception and to enjoy staying in a hotel to have all the services.In these villas it's possible to have the legally-binding ceremony or the symbolic ceremony. Look forward to hearing back from you. Formerly owned by the famous Italian explorer Guido Monzini, the villa houses a collection of pictures, flags, and honours, as well as one of the eight sleighs he used to reach the North Pole. However, it's important to note that September can be more unpredictable on Lake Como. The rooms are set facing each other on both sides of the Loggia. Good Afternoon, Thank you, Hi, please could you send me details of availability and prices for a civil ceremony and reception at Balbianello for 2012 (May Sept). Here there is everything you need to know for your elopement or micro wedding at Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como. For couples wishing to organize a Villa del Balbianello wedding on Lake Como, the areas that can be used for the event are: the Loggia,suitable for up to 75 people; the Loggia Segr,suitable for up to 100 guests partly sittinginside the loggia and partly outside under a marquee; the terrace in front of the church,suitable for up to 60 guests to be used only when the villa is closed to the public; the terrace on the Lake,for up to 150 guests - here it is compulsory to build a marquee and flooring. looking to book in April / May 2012 how far in advance would we need to book this? . Villa del Balbianello is located on a wooded promontory, offering an enchanted view of Lake Como. Gabriella is a wedding, portrait and editorial photographer based on the French Riviera serving Stylish Brides & Grooms in France, Gabriella offered a real experience, with a personal approach. I am looking to have my wedding at Balbianello villa on lake como. SERVICES: Elopements | Amalfi Coast | Tuscany | Apulia | Rome | Destination | Umbria, EMILIANO RUSSO Privacy Policy - www.emilianorusso.com info@emilianorusso.it - 1) address - via G.Marconi 14 - 84081 - Baronissi (SA) - 2) address - via Truglio 31 - 84011 - Amalfi (SA) p.iva: 05181570655 - mob. In addition, the weather during these months is generally sunny and warm, providing the ideal setting for a romantic wedding. While it may seem convenient to have everything taken care of, it can limit your choices and may not be in your best interest. Worldwide renowned, Villa Del Balbianello is one the most special luxuryvenues for a wedding in Italy on the shores of Lake Como. The Cardinal had also acquired the nearby Villa del Balbiano from the Giovio family. All reviews submitted will be verified and approved by Wedinspire. Without the perfect lighting and music, your wedding may lack the ambiance and atmosphere necessary for good pictures and the fun and enjoyment of your guests. We are looking for the wedding to be there including drinks and dinner. Im interested to find out the pricing for an intimate wedding (up to 20 guests) and the availability of this beautiful venue in September 2018. You can see every last image taken by the talentedHunter Ryan Photo in our full gallery. Highlights An exclusive wedding at Lake Como is elegant and romantic. Thanks, Event fee (for up to 200 guests) included. Please could give me dates available in 2017 and prices? Lake Como is an aristocratic retreat. Elegant and familiar at the same time, the ideal location to fulfill a longtime dream and where to live unforgettable moments with the people you love. So sweet! Thank you! Hi Georgia, congratulations! Room Categories. With almost 3 acres of immaculate lawns and gardens, private access to the lake and panoramic views of the lake and mountains, a wedding here resembles a fairytale come true. Villa del Balbianello is probably the most beautiful and most famous villa of Lake Como, with its privileged location right on the tip of the Lavedo Peninsula (also known as the "Penisola del Balbianello").. Please could you send me a price information pack and also availability for May or September 2019. Accommodation is not available at the Villa. 9.1 Wonderful 447 reviews Price from $84 per night Check availability La Dolce Vista Tremezzo (0.8 miles from Villa Balbianello) There is a lot to do close by Villa del Balbianello. thanku. Alessandra, Hi there could I get some info on this for ceremony and suggested evening venues too- were looking for 30 people (ish) in sept 19 or 20 thanks! There is also an option for a 24 hour hire of the property as well. Please send us a pricing list for all available options. As a photography studio, we understand the importance of timing. Find out how to make your elopement in Italy unforgettable with wonderful photos and unique details on breathtaking views. Alessandra. We use cookies to optimize our website and our service. this tour from Varenna). Villa del Balbianello in Lenno. The Gulf is so called Zoca De L"oli the Oil Cove. pls could you send me more information and pictures of the Balbianello villa for a wedding venue, including costs. Alessandra, Good Evening, What is your availability and costs? More specifically, what services that would include (e.g., number of guests, catering, drinks, music, photography, legal fees for ceremony, etc. We would like to get married in a Catholic church nearby and perhaps transfer via taxi boat to the Villa- would this be possible?also entertainment woul be required. Italian wedding ceremonies, romantic Italian weddings planned with care and love. If you check your email you will find my answer:) The wedding would be for about 60 guests. Alessandra. Could you please contact me via email for further details and send the prices. . A good celebrant will know how to build up excitement and anticipation before your big moment; they'll be able to draw out all of the beauty of this historic location so that you can genuinely feel like you're getting married at one of Europe's most famous locations. Please can you send me details and pictures of the Balbianello Villa for a wedding venue,please can you include prices as a must. thanks for your interest in Villa Balbianello and our wedding planning services. You can say your romantic vows right at the Loggia Durini (Arched Loggia), or at Loggia Segr (in case of poor weather or if its really your preference). However, he passed away without heirs in 1988, leaving the Villa's ownership to Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI), who still manages it today. Choosing a venue like Villa del Balbianello is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it's relevant to make the most of it by choosing the best vendors, who will ensure that every detail is perfect and that every moment is captured to remember it forever. Getting married at Villa del Balbianello is possible with a symbolic or civil ceremony that can take place on the grounds of the Villa in one of the following areas: under the Loggia (the most panoramic point): for small wedding groups and outside opening days and times; in the Garden: for medium to large wedding groups.