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The Lion Guard:The Lost Prince Chapter 1: A Past never told, a lion king fanfic | FanFiction It was just a Normal Day in the pridelands for the young prince Kion,who is the leader of the lion was hanging out with Bunga when suddenly he hears Nala runs over to Nala. Cried Wema. "These are my friends: Bella, Emily, and Crystal!" OH NOO! Kiara called as she rushed out of the cave. " Asked Nala. Ugggg. Said Kiara. The great kings told me of an ancient ritual one I thought was lost in history." Come back!" Lilly kicked Scar. ", With the a smile, Taka nuzzled Kion. " Rafiki please! kion has a strong connection to the lions of the past. Rafiki what's 'Hapana'?!" "Kion!" Nala asked desperately. She said. "but how, I only used it once. She stroked the sobbing cubs heads as ther crying slowly died out. I don't think I can handle another troublemaker." At first Taka hated having Kion bug him during his alone time, even if he was the only animal who could see him. Kion's heart is very weak!". " Kion is a teenage male lion living in the Pridelands. Mama Binturong is now more powerful than before. Cried Simba. the story is about a human who transformed into a male cub (me) and found by the guard when they just defeated Janja in their first battle With Kion as king of the Tree of Life with his mate Rani, things are looking very bright for everyone at the Tree of Life. You must understand my queen. ", Simba was all but satisfied with that answer. " Simba dug his claws into the side of the cliff but a huge section gaveway and Simba fell into the sinkhole. #love I would think the great kings didn't let him become a star. Mom?" there fine..i think but, they hurt. He soon discovers, however, that his job isn't exactly as easy as it sounds. Jasiri, Madoa, Wema and Tunu were are lead to the steam vents where they could not get out. Mom was also awake, and Kiara was still sleeping. Kion was furious because of the venom in his scar but Bunga thinks he's turning evil. Yesterday you had to borrow from your chums, Seems the promise of tomorrow never comes. Later that night there was a ceremony for King Simba. Thank you dad. Simba growled and the girls ran off. He's gone. Now if it okay with you, your majesty, I must see if the prince is healthy." 3. The italics is are inner monologues, while bold are songs. Kion yelled through the dark den, his mouth still holding on to the meat. "what happened" "are you OK" or "lezi, your shoulder. I brought you something." "why did you say that, and how would you know such a thing" she asked. "But I pinned ya before you could retreat." Fuli: Okay you have to get back home and get some sleep so you can get better again, Fuli: No but's Kion you have to get back. I hope it's a boy." she begged. Simba looked back to his mate. With a sigh Rafiki picked up his staff, and headed towards the steps. " What!" Kiara was never told about Kion's secret, as both agreed it was best that way. Is the king dead? prnom fille doux et chic lion guard fanfiction simba hurts kion His name was Taka. Please consider turning it on! This is my fanfic about the Lion King: Return of the Lion Guard. I'm not I'm not like Scar" "Kion" the cub turn his head to see his father approaching him. I collapsed on the kings rock and drifted asleep. , Poor Kion gets a nightmare and Simba comforts him. He is the king of the Pride Lands, the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, the adoptive son of Azima and Jahi, the adoptive brother of Jike , Uma , and Maisha, the mate of Nala, the father of Kiara, Kion, and Nguruma, and the adoptive father of Vuai . Shoute Kion in fear. Hyenas walked into the Pridelands. ''What's wrong,Mom?'' Kion asked Nala ''.nothing's wrong,just a bad dream.'' I hope you know what your doing! " I guess I'll bare the burden of eating this for you.". It's fine Kion, you take it beside am not very hungry this morning." All kinds of moments in the Lion Guard. But this one may be the baddest one yet, the former ruler of Priderock, Scar, has returned. In the Outlands, or atleast bunga was in the Outlands. Simba said as he jumped after to reach her. Simba let Nala go first, one because she was closer and two he couldn't even breathe himself. another crack open and kiara nearly fell down. Lilly kept pushing them back. The Upendi Celebration Nala interrupted. " Said Lilly. It took me about half an hour to get back to the Pride lands. dad? You done this before Simba. Great as always Mufassa's spawn must ruin everything! " Said Fuli. Thanks for worrying, guys. "Go say hi!" Fuli followed by the res of the guard ran over to were Jasiri was. Ono, guide us. Thanks Ono, Till the pride lands endALL: LION GUARD DEFEND! Finale his cubbish resistance ran out as he quickly took the slab back and bit into it. "sure, I hope they don't disturb others with their game" I said. But, in that, Tiifu and Zuri arrive . As the sole heir to his father, Nyx must return to the Court of Nightmares, but that means confronting his own nightmares about his father's death and reclaiming the throne from his wicked family. Simba said into Kion's nap, as he carried Kion back, still taken back from his eye. please get up. Rafiki chimed as he approached the royal family. " It can't be. Thanks Kiara. as a tear ran down her cheek. After she finished she went outside and told Kiara to find kion and bring him back. ends. He was searching for Rani. Kiara said lifting her head up, her face still damp but a half smile was there nonetheless. Simba softly suggested. What happens when this new ch Uzuri is the adopted daughter of Simba and Nala. Scar can tanut, and corrupt our son all he wants. For a few seconds everything stood still, but soon the wind started to pick up, as Rafiki recited an ancient chant. Kion sadly admitted. " Follow this story of the Lion Guard's most graceful Sarabi gave him a reassuring nuzzle, before leaving to go tell the Pride. With tears of joy Nala happily put the cub down to nuzzle him. Your father told me that a spirit of a king long died could be put into Kion, stabilizing his heart.". " Kion for short." Kion any louder and the dead will rise." Please father guided me. Though when he falls in love with someone his farther hates, he has to make the decisi find out what happends( ) With a sad but understanding sigh, Kiara took one last look at her brother. " kion was abandoned by his parents for being the runt of the litter Zuri is a female lion. The two girls lead them over to it and thy sat in the water. Careful, Bunga, not so loud, please. "kion accidentally hit me with the roar, and a rock cut my shoulder. They start becoming friends and soon find out they have feelings for each other. He sees that Reirei and her jackals are hunting in the Pridelands, Ono flies down to the Guard again and is telling the bad news. Does that mean Kion is destined to be like Scar!". Said Nala. Ya ya. Where are. I couldn't put any old soul to save him. Well I must say it does look better than the wasteland I lead. Sure he was about daddys age but it's fine! " as well as We'll take you with Rafiki. Tunu and Wema ran out of fear to try to get out. Scar said as he grabbed their back legs. You'll be blessed so keep on looking high, While you're underneath the Pride Land sky, As Taka sang the last note, Kion looked up with a squint, and to his surprise one last, bright star was still visible. Jasiri and Madoa notice a water pool near by "Wema, Tunu, go soake your paws in that water over there, Ive been told it heals burned paws faster. -Kion: Yeah. But I am not only the king but my daughters father, and even if their is the slightest chance that Kion will become like Scar then-". " His name was Taka. And they're surrounding her! Kion: Alright Reirei you know this isn't you're territory so get back! Fuli: Are you really sure? Simba crooned as he nuzzled Nala happily, as they looked down at the new cub. Pleaseeees. With a chuckle Taka sat down next to the cub, his eyes fixed on the sun. " Thanks to you father, but I must warn you! It's so big! "Oh well um I was going to get a drink" Simba can clearly see he was lying so he and sat down "Kion is there something you want to tell me?" "I think its time we go to bed!" #kionxfuli sanzubestboy, QueenKillTheKings, Z3r0n1us, and LordDavai I got up on the cliff and walked to Pride rock. She cuddled on Kion. Princess Kiara and Prince Kion live in the Pride Lands, with Kiara destined to become the future Queen, whi [SEQUEL to "Legacy of the Night Pride"] He loved to see animals suffer, while his family respected the Circle Of Life. Thx!!! Queen Miranda asked when Sofia arrived home. "Hi! She said still worried for Kion if he was okay. Bunga was unaware that he was hurting Kion's feelings, so when he realizes how he's been treating Kion, he feels guilty. Kion and Kovu's Secret Romance By: KionTheLeader. And she's fine. You know Kion when I used to have a little song I would sing every time I came up here. Kion walked back up to Pride Rock. He drempt of a lioness. For many reasons, but for one in particular. Replied Simba. "we want to know what happened, so Kiara, go and wait outside" mom said. NO! Both heart broken by the sudden news, the once joyous mood was replaced by absolute dread. " Kion roared and the hyenas flew back. Fuli jumps over Bunga and hits the vulture. You forgive me." Legends of the Lion Guard Chronicles Simba is a male lion. Kion: Ono can you take a look and see if there is any sign of trouble? Kion, A sinkhole has formed and someone has fallen in I think its king Simba. Beshte offered to carring them back to there clan base. -Fuli: We have to hurry. "Chelsea! They started to cry as thye buried there faces into to Jasiri and Madoa. When he entered he heard some noises coming from the back. Much like how you Simba talked with your father, Kion will be able to talk with his spirit friend if you will. Kiara sobbbed "Daddy don't leave us. JAsiri told th eguard how Wema and Tunu burned ther paws. Guys you heard him let's go! Said a confused Kiara. The Lion Guard comes out of the Lair to go patrolling. she tride to get a grip on the ground with her claws but she continued to slip farther and farther. And I didn't even know how" he replied a little scared. I think there names are Wema and Tunu. Kiara ran ahead to get a head start but then the ground started to shake adn a crack open up. It so pretty!" Bunga Fuli said in a stern but sad voice. Someone yelled. -Beshte: You two! "Kion if you have anything you want to talk about, don't be afraid to come to me ok?" The Lion King Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. I love you, Kiara. Its ok, dont cry, you're safe. That has never been done in soon long! Kiara said with pride, as she little poked her brother. " Are you alright" but I ignored them, thinking of the horror I saw 30 minutes ago. Night." "Thanks guys" The cubs said. Kion eyes become big balls of pure cuteness, as he tried to get Taka to sing for him. " Dad stood up and left and mom lyed down behind me and pulled me closer again. But most surprisingly his tail tip color was a bright burning red, like his grandfather. " But Lilly slid underneath them to the other side. If I know you mother, she is one of the strongest lions I know. But during the fight, the groun Little time passes when the Lion Guard was born again, the settles outside of the Pride Lands have tensions rising between them and the other lands outside and even beyo Kion was born and raised at the Tree Of Life. Simba laid his head down with Kion in his paws who rested his head on his dad's mane like pillow. 79 The lion king Kopa ideas. You be fine, beside you won't be doing it alone." Mom started licking my wounds to make sure It would stop bleeding. "These Giraffes seemed really happy about their new grazing grounds." Said Kion, as he led his friends back to the Guards cave. Right!" A dim light came through the clouds as the winds down. Kion has became king of the tree Neema the leopard cub was separated from her mother and became lost in territory after territory of angry adult leopards who drove her out. With such a rift, the broken family could lead to the end of the Pride Lands. "No hyenas enter on my domain!" These are Characters from The Lion King. may be a problem.". " Rafiki began as both parents listened carefully. " I have put my character in it so please don't post awful things about this story. As the wind blows between the infant's fur he smiled widely at the vast land before him. Completed simba lion ongoing +14 more # 3 Adventures of the Pridelands: Uzuri by KistariTheGreat 5.8K 132 9 It overlooked the Pride Lands, and it made the sky fell so close that you can practical touce the stars. Rafiki, who is in Kion?" With a sigh Rafiki gave the answer that would change everything. " He knew that Nala and the other lioness would go hunting when the sun is over barely over the horizon. She said to him. "I already have a team, I was about to tell dad" he said. Time to patrol the Pride Lands. exclaimed Jasiri. season4, tlk, lionking. But to other his name was Scar. cried kiara with a teriffied look on her face. Kiara Kion will be fine, I promise you'll see him in the morning. "Sofia, lions can be dangerous animals, so I want you to be very careful alright Sofia," Miranda said. Everything was quiet in the Pridelands. "Go say hi!" She said as she pushed him down the stairwell. "sleep well my son" she said as I drifted asleep. "Nice to meet you!" Said Kion. The Other Side. -Kion: Don't worry, Kiara. -Beshte: That means that leg will heal very soon. Beshte pushed somelogs on the vents blocking them and Jasirir, Madoa, Tunu and Wema all got out safely. -Kiara: Okay. When he landed the meal he was holding ploped in front of a sleeping lion. Kion has became king of the tree Who is Kion? Join Kufu and his friends as they go on adventures in order to protect and defend the Pride Lands and the creatures that call it home. Luckily bunga noticed it and was trying to intimidate them. Simba and Nala are a canon pairing. Ono comes out of the Lair to warn Simba and Nala. "No I'll never use the roar for evil" Kion said as the mist started swirling around him "Your still just a cub Kion and maybe over time the roar will make your own path, a path where you use it for greater purposes so you will soon be like" Kion stared in shock and fear as the mist brought out Scar to him smiling evilly "me". Kion asked Ono. "it's OK, you didn't do it on purpose. Whats youre name? ", " Yes and for that we thank you." The Lion Guard stood there, gazing out over the horizon. It was so horrible that I ran away as fast as I could, towards the Pridelands. How did Kion and his friends meet? the bot to the sink hole floor. Kion and Rani must deal with Makucha and his army again. Simba smiled back. " But as long as his family loves him-" Nala nuzzled her head into Simba lush mane. " They got into mischief together and loved to play with each other. On my way to Pride rock I walked past a few lionesses, and most of them asked things like. Taka stopped as the little cub caught his breath. " "OK stay here, I'm going to get bunga" I said. After he failed he jumped on the cliff wall when the hyanas tried to grab him, and I jumped toward the hyanas to stop them, but when I landed in front of them I felt something strange. "Gasp!" His fur color was that of his mother. Asked Nala. Shhbaby it's oki'm here..don't cry. Still under editing . Years later a threat to the Prideland find out what happends( ) Simba went to the far back of the cave, and his heart stopped at the sight he saw. Two Long Years ", Simba couldn't stand all this mystery! " Lilly said. But to his dismay his pulse was barely audible, only barely audible. When mommy and I go out I don't want you being lonely.". The Roar sends away Mzingo and his vultures. Kion, leader of the Lion Guard is constantly being compared to his sister, Kiara, by Simba. Part 1 of G Friend Group Stories Language: English Words: 3,994 Chapters: 1/1 1 Kudos: 1 Hits: 2 "Where's mom and dad?" Rafiki asked. Just breathe. thanks. So what does this mean for him?" Simba looked at the peacefully cub, some love he had felt for Kion was replaced by the hate he felt for Scar. " "Lilly? Lion Guard, Mystery of the roar by ZombieChameleon 22.6K 229 31 This is a fan made after the lion guard season 3 and this does not continue the season of the lion guard, all rights reserved to Disney Kion has became king of the tree. Hey, does anyone know anything about Ema? While Kion sees nothing wrong with him it cases a rift in Kion's family life. I'll help you get up" mom said playfully. But what they don't know, is his state of mind. Please consider turning it on! I do requests, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1), The Lion King (Movies 1994 1998 2004) (1), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. "A group of girls!" soothed Jasiri. "These are my friends: Bella, Emily, and Crystal!" She said. Kion squeaked. Lilly put her paw out but she fell. "Nice to meet you!" You can't tell me, no US, that Scar is in Kion!" This contrasts the love and admiration he constantly feeds Kion's sister, Kiara; and aft Kion is not related to the royal family Everyone noted how distressed he was, and how his left leg appeared to dangle as the cheetah ambled with the group towards the home of all the lions- most specifically, Kion's parents. Janja held Jasiri Captive to get her to join him. With a smile Take looked down at the cub, who mixed eyes meet his green and scar one. Please R&R. Simba lifeted kiara up and pushed her to safety into her mothers paws. But more importantly he will grow up with you as his father, yet you would just throw something like that away!? Work Search: Man 1: Took you long enough to catch the little fellow. "I don't think so Kion" she replied with tears in her eyes. Taka said dramatically, trying his hardest to keep from his smile from showing. " I wouldn't have it any other way.". So anyway have fun reading a new story, or revisiting something old. Well, Hyena how do you know there is a fire? As three other Hyenas brough her in. Nala was born the daughter of Sarafina and Jahi on September 16, 1994. "LILLY!" Maybe Zire wou-" Simba was meet with a swift slap in the face. That reason being the fact that Farena assigned him a babysitter Kion and his Lion Guard were saving an animal from drowning in a rampaging river. Kion this is not your fault. The pair stayed in there embrace, as the sun's color filled the sky. -Kiara: I love you too, Kion. A vulture that was behind Bunga was ready to attack him, and the honey badger didn't notice. Ono flies to the clouds and sees Kiara being attacked. He wasnt moving. "KIARA!" Cried Simba. Another roar shook it again. When the great kings of the past choose a spirit, that spirit must be compatible with the host body. They don't belong to me. Nala rubbed her head under Simba's, making any feeling of doubt go away. " Vitani ran over to Kopa. left kudos on this work. The family walked to bed and waited until morning. Said Kion. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos, These are Characters from The Lion King. Taka the sun up." ", With a sigh Simba patted Kion's head, who gained a growl from Taka. " The world seemed to slow down as the two just stared at each other. Wow Wee wow wow! Simba warmly said nuzzling his daughter. shouted Janja. Twende kiboko! Her words comforted Kion and he fell asleep. She said as she pushed him down the stairwell. said Chungu. The mjuzi suggested, as he put his hand on his mane, trying to think of a way to save Kion. Their morning had thus far been an uneventful one; things had unusually gone to plan. "Leave them alone!" But of course-" Taka put his paw tried back, rubingit to help calm him down. " If you don't like what my crazy, chaotic imagination c Rexy has never been in love before but in this story she will fall in love with one of her enemy's. "Just dont walk" Said Jasiri. Kiara, Nala and Simba Continued to the elephant celebration. Then it's them" I quickly interrupted. Kion's ears fell in defeat and looked away knowing he can't get out of it. Kion Bunga Fuli Beshte Ono Kiara Mzingo Mwoga Tiifu Zuri Rafiki Ema (mentioned) Simba (mentioned) Nala (mentioned) Adia (mentioned) It was a calm day in the Pride Lands. Kion said nervously and Simba was surprised by this question but he smiled warmly at him and licked his forehead "No Kion. A few days after Kiara's adventure in the Outlands Nala told him the big news, she was once again pregnant! We wouldn't want to miss it now do we?". " He's dead. Kiara was crying a little out of fear and shock. Kion whined, his smile gone. " When Nala found Simba alive in the jungle years after Scar had lied about his death, she was overjoyed and touched. Simba asked trying to stay strong for Nala who also waited for an answer holding Kion tighter. " I woke up, but strangely it was quiet. why did dad have to go. Listen to his heart. -Kiara: (laughs) Yeah. Simba stepped over Kiara to meet his mother half way. " Kion has a crush. Simba and Nala walked out of the forest. Kion: Alright are you guys ready for today? He squealed as he ran to catch up with the adult lion. His eyes watery after the events. " author has no clue what they're doing A war between Kingdoms raged out, and a group of close friends were forced to join. Nala ran after Simba. "kion, what's bunga doing in the Outlands" I asked him. "so, can you look after kion for me today." Name's Chelsea!" Bunga: It's happening just like Rafiki said. Lilly jumped and ran. Said Kion. Kion ran up to him and whispered in his ear. He not Scar, his name is Kion. " I don't know Kion. Kion's voice echoes in the sinkhole. Lilly fell in the river and went over the waterfall. Simba put his paw around the princess and brought her closer to nuzzle her. " Lilly emerged from the water and grabbed Scar. Every night, Kion drempt of After Kion became king he wanted to turn the Tree of Life into a peaceful place along with his mate Rani. That night, After all the speeches. So apparently there are not alot of kionxzuri stories, granted there are little to no kionxzuri stories on wattpad, they are mostly on fanfiction.net or youtube. I won't tolerate any complainings, Kion could see that he had no choice other than listen to his girlfriend. He puts down a paw on Kions back so he can't move. Of course Kion, as long as you stay by my side.". Said Janja "Uhh I, was passing by. She's always full of energy". " Kion waited for an answer back, but soon his cubish impatience took over him and he rushed in. We have to save my sister. How did Rani's parents died? Yes really. But being King isn't the easiest thing in the [Leona Kingscholar x fem! It was so dark that Kion could barely see the floor below him, causing Kion to trip on a rock and rolled deeper in some distance. Asked Simba, worriedly. So I see no problem" I said. "Yes," Sofia said. Neglected, abused, over worked and under appreciated. Meanwhile, Kion and the guard were no there way to the out lands. Asha, you seem nice. It's a different adventure than most but still exciting. Taka yawned out as he finale woke up, much to his dismay. Fuli and Kion prepare to fight each otherScene from The Lion Guard Season 3 Episode "Friends to the End"Fuli scolds Kion and calls him out on his mean behavi. He took his first step and was faling again but Fuli was there to held him up. Lillian is a cub. 3 hyenas were sneaking up on him. First published May 27, 2020. 3.3K 30. by amazingspiderfan110. But only for you Kion." Lilly roared. When Kion is kidnapped by Zira and her family,several . So I decided to make my own kionxZuri book, and hopefully this will spark others to write kionxzuri stories as well, lets begin. The Lion Guard comes out of the Lair to go patrolling. "I'm scared Simba!" Kion looked like he was having a bad dream as his paws kept twitching and his tail swishing crazy. Let get you home." Mom what happened? Oh, and with her mother. Nala nodded as Rafiki led them outside to the ceremony peck. Kion slowly walked up the mountain to Pride Rock with scratches all over him. After seeing Rafiki for both healing and therapy, Kion still gets nightmares about the day of the accident and even gets triggere Kion begins to gain the king's experience, but then Rani's childhood friend appears at the tree of life. Kik used the roar of the elders and blew away the hyanas, but unfortunately me too. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. -Fuli: Surely Rafiki will know what to do. "The roar. ", With a smirk Taka patted Kion's head, almost crushing him with his massive paw. " she tride . Taka looked up to, and he saw the very same star. "bunga, fuli, ono, beshte and me of course" kion replied. Really! Kion ran and saw a group of female cubs. Kion, being the leader of the lion gaurd, has faced many villains through out his adventures. Night Kiara." Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 668 A Spark of Light And Dark OkamiBattleBlock Summary: After nearly surviving his own birth Kion grew up with a friend only he could see. "I jumped in front of the hyenas to save bunga, but when bunga jumped away you roared and I flew away with the hyanas" I said. Nyota Cliff was a sky gazers dream. Please there has to be something you can do!". " Two were left after all were lost. Thankfully Taka knew just what to sing next. ", " I- I" Taka never felt this much affection hit him at once. His eyes on the ground. " Looks like we got a slider!" Kion followed Lilly. Unfortunately that feeling of was going to last long. " I nudged my head into him and purred in relief. But, how many days will I be with this? But in the end, all will be explained. Kion Makini: love story Nala face told him all he needed to know. " Is there away you can save my son!?" Is dad okay? Remind you of someone?" I nudged my head into him and purred in relief. You make a better leader of the Lion Guard" Kion beamed at his father saying that as he nuzzled in Simba's mane again. With that Kion and Taka walked side by side, towards the horizon. It was a hard landing, but where I landed was more terrifying. I'm truly sorry my queen but-" Rafiki was interpreted as a small gust of wind made it way into the cave and past the mandill. The Lion Guard: Rescuing Kiara is a fanfiction story created by Florencia86. or will it? With a new story too! Taka's heart skipped a beat as Kion ran up and nuzzled his face into Taka leg. " Just in case people still want to old version for some reason. Makucha slowly aproached him. And my first story here on AO3. Kiara shook her head and ran after Lilly. Add this story to your Library to get notified about new parts! After the defeat of W Kion: Fall from Grace (A Dark Kion Story). "This costume in rediculous" Fuli complained. She is the best friend (and future waifu) of the crown prince, Simba, along with their loyal best Kion, a small, disrespected cub is abused and ignored by his father, King Simba. Stopping by the scraps cave, Kion took a small piece of meat, and brought it to a secluded den, his and his friends secret den if you will. "But Simba," Zira began once again. Taka smiled at the cubs pleads. " I love you Taka, promise you be my friend for ever? Kion and bunga ran off and I went to the watering hole. This is the first of many stories. But why Scar of all spirits?! Simba and Nala growled and ran. "Leading the guard is you're responsibility." ", " That is way this ritual is rarely done." (laughs) Just kidding. "I'm sorry dad, The guard needs me and I cant let them down" Said Kion. When Kion is kidnapped by Zira and her family,several unexpected events come up that turn the Pridelands upside do. Scar!" But soon a loud roar interrupted the beautiful moment. " "Move Lilly!" as the smoke cleared they saw there father laying still on the ground. The royal duo view was soon blocked by the leaves and other floating debris. Simba wasn't going to make it. -Kiara: (sighs) Thanks, Rafiki. -Kion: Come on. Rafiki brought Kion down and checked for his pulse. " Work Search: It about sunrise!" Lilly said as she ran after him. Take got up and motined for Kion to follower. Before he went in to see his family. "DADDY, NOOO!" On top of that, a coat whiter than snow? Much to Kion's dismay. " Cover by amazingspiderfan110. But she started to wake up. Sarabi came from the cave breathing heavily. sobbed Kion. At the peck of the rock Rafiki held Kion but instead of showing him to the heavens, Rafiki pointed the cub towards the ground. Nala put her ear on Kion's chest, but quickly pulled due not being able to handle the situation. " Kiara came up aswell as cried to. "Come here little cubs!"