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He's fine. A teaser for the eighth series promises that this season will be packed with more determination, resources and technology in search of the coveted treasure of Oak Island. Despite his recovery, David still has lasting injuries from the accident in the form of nerve damage. But David did make it known in the same video that he currently enjoys being a resident on the island. 2. oldmanonsilvercreek 2 yr. ago. David Blankenship Obituary (2020) - Lawrenceburg, KY - The Anderson News Updated photos and News are also done every day\"LIVE\" PreShow every Week at 7:30 PM/EST on Tuesday and \"LIVE\" PODCAST on Wednesday @ 7:30 PM/EST if Guests then Saturday at 8:00 PM/EST USA..PLEASE JOIN What happened to Dave Blankenship on Oak Island? History Channel star's 2020 at Moore Southlawn, 9350 E. 51st, Tulsa, OK. Funeral service will be 11:00 A.M., Friday, January 24, 2020 at Broken Arrow First Christian . Today, Dave and his wife still live on Oak Island as two of its only permanent inhabitants. I know that several months ago a member of the oak island society posted that there were oak island tour tickets purchased through the online site but was being transferred to a personal bank account that was a member/inside person. Dan passed away in March 2019 and Dave vowed to continue his fathers legacy. The man likes to keep his personal life more hidden than the secret riches he searches for. If anyone could drink a bottle of Crown the size of an airplane it's Dave Blankenship. The cofferdam at Smiths Cove will have to be expanded to carry out more investigations. ALSO READ|Forged In The Fire Filming Location: Where Is History Channel's Show Shot? After spending so much time working on Oak Island, and in light of his father's death, David decided to officially retire from the treasure hunting business to spend more time with his family. Daves father Dan dedicated 50 years of his life to this quest so viewers hope to see his legacy live on the series. Marty and his brother Rick Lagina, Dan Blankenship, Dave Blankenship, Craig Tester, and the rest of the Oak Island team is one unwavering bunch.Whether it is challenges with equipment, weather, or difficult terrain, the team is more determined to uncover the 224-year mystery under the Nova Scotia . He fell off 46 feet on a job site. "The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down" The Great Feud (TV - IMDb The series gives a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of members of the fellowship and their activities and features in-depth conversations with them. Maybe he did not want to get close in case of covid. Have missed him on the show. David Blankenship can also trace his work and residence on the island thanks to the article. Whether it is challenges with equipment, weather, or difficult terrain, the team is more determined to uncover the 224-year mystery under the Nova Scotia Island, Canada. For the first time in The Curse of Oak Island history, Rick, Marty and the team are allowing viewers behind the scenes to see how every incredible moment on Oak Island is captured. As he crashed, his hard hat strap pinched an artery and caused him to suffer a stroke (per Mysteries of Canada). Dave Blankenship still lives on Oak island itself as a member of the Oak Island team. This is your place to discuss the mysteries associated with Oak Island. Dave has lived in Oak Island for 30 years after getting a divorce. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In an episode that introduces Dave, he actually explains what happened to him. We don't know if David was initially thrilled about joining his father when. Meet 'The Curse of Oak Island' Star Jack Begley: Details on Dating Life, Career, and More! Why was he on Oak Island? Hopefully, now you know what happened to Dave Blankenship. He served as a pilot in the Air Force, both on Active Duty and as a Reservist. Covid-19 interrupted filming for the 8th season but this wont be forever. Distractify is a registered trademark. He now has little to no feeling on the left side of his body. Intrepid metal detector and Oak Island legend Gary Drayton, takes Matty Blake on a metal detecting tour of the island while counting down his most memorable finds. Lot 5 on Oak Island is owned by Robert S. Young, but it does not appear that there is a house on that lot when looking at an . The Story Is Horrifying Its well known that Dave was severely injured from a workplace accident in 1986 where he fell 46 feet, suffered a stroke and went into a coma. I hope things are ok with him. Here is what we know. With every season, the show gets even more compelling as the team uncovers more leads and possibly inch towards their goal. History's "The Curse of Oak Island" might serve as many viewers' first introduction to the mysterious location and what treasures and artifacts it may hide. In a previous episode of the series, Dave revealed that he had an industrial accident in 1986. I can't remember which of the 3 episodes they mention it in though. People can catch TheCurse of Oak Islandon the History Channel every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. Often causing History to censor his stream of swears and expertly carrying the Blankenship torch on the island after his father's death in 2019 (via Sky History), David is a refreshing addition to the Oak Island team. The hunt for the treasure and the related theories are the shows prime focus. Dave Blankenship had a close - The Curse of Oak Island | Facebook On "The Curse of Oak Island," David has shown off his persistent nature and a penchant for working with his hands. Thankfully, Dave weathered this and woke from the coma. Re: plots. Marty and his brother Rick Lagina, Dan Blankenship, Dave Blankenship, Craig Tester, and the rest of the Oak Island team is one unwavering bunch. In Season 8 of "The Curse of Oak Island," fans quickly noticed that the show lacks any appearances from David. Read on to know 'What happened to Dave Blankenship on The Curse of Oak Island'? David made a now-deleted Facebook comment. Around then, he may be in the system of separation as indicated by SD51 Silver Member. Season 8, Robert Clotworthy tells us that Dave and his sister sold their shares and all Dan's paperwork to the Lagina's. Other members of the cast include Craig Tester, who was Marty's former college roommate and is an expert in drilling and earth scans. 2 Feb. 2021 Dave Blankenship's Oak Island 7.8 (9) Rate Matty Blake sits down with Oak Island legend Dave Blankenship and takes a deep dive into Dave's history on the island while trying to understand why he stepped away from the 2 centuries old treasure hunt that he and his father devoted their lives to. Ultimately, this led to a stroke and later a coma that took some time to recover from. The hunt for gold can be traced all the way back to 1795, when a teenager found an indented spot near a tree on Oak Island that made people believe there was hidden treasure buried in the ground. One on the lots owned by Fred Nolan and two on the Blankenship lots: one that was Dan Blankenship's house and the other that is Dave Blankenship's house. Specifically, Dave feels that his father was left out of too many important decisions and events. Billy was preceded in death by his parents and his granddaughter Sarah Nugent in 2020. Was he fired, bought out, moved? In 1986, while working as a steelworker, a crane cable snapped and wildly thrashed. The Oak Island Connection. However, Dave has mentioned a number of times on the show that he was involved in a workplace accident that left him a tad disabled. I wanted to tell the group what is the truthDavid, we wish you the best and keep in touch JOIN US HERE FOR THE LATEST NEWS All things Oak Island ..Since 2016 I always went live on Wednesday nights well guess what I'm back !! The TV show has been airing since 2014 when its first premiered on History network in Canada. Any update on Dave? People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Finally in the Money Pit, they will go deeper, using radar technology to find flood tunnel and utilize heavy digging machinery to find their way to the original Money Pit. Even after losing his mentor and dad, Dan Blankenship, and suffering a near-death-experience, Dave is unstoppable. Watch The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down Season 8 Episode 3 Sadly, Dan passed away on March 17, 2019, according to a Facebook group in his honor. Also known as The Oak Island Mystery, it is believed that the hidden treasure belonged to Captain Kidd and various other theories about it also exist. Seems odd that Dave B just disappears out of the blue. Accordingto the history portal, Dave whose real name is DavidBlankenship had an accident 30 years ago that caused him to have limited mobility, however, he never gives up and can take any challenges regardless of his age. He's taking a break for now. The Curse of Oak Island viewers wonder what happened to Dave Blankenship did he have an injury in the past? While David's unfiltered talking and hardworking nature has made him a beloved fan favorite, when it comes to knowing more about his private life, we'd probably have an easier time locating that legendary Money Pit. Today, Dave and his wife still live on Oak Island as two of its only permanent inhabitants. 23 Feb. 2021. It caught David by the knees and violently threw him into the crane's cab, which was approximately 46 feet away from where he was standing. ET on The History Channel. Nov 18, 2020 #1 Does any one know why Dave Blankenship is not on Oak island this year? Matty Blake returns to Oak Island to connect to the countless people that the 225-year-old mystery, and the hit TV show that chronicles it, have impacted over the last decade.